Полоцкий государственный университет


Type of education: Architecture and construction

Direction: Construction

Academic degree: MSc in Engineering

About study programme:

Study programme in the area of construction provides joint work with Technical University of Leiria (Portugal) in the English language and ensures comprehensive study of material science, building and design methods combining research and education.

A specialist who has been trained in this programme has a good master of English, has deep knowledge of building design and reconstruction, uses energy and resource-saving technologies at all stages of construction, prepare Master’s thesis, acquires management skills, trains specialists at 1st degree of higher education at colleges and universities.

By results of education, people, successfully fulfilled the curriculum, are awarded two diplomas:

  • diploma of the state standard of the Republic of Belarus
  • diploma of the state standard of Portugal

Entrance exams:

For citizens of the Republic of Belarus:

  • Exam in «Constructions»
  • English language test

For foreign citizens:

  • Interview in the language of studying and basic knowledge of study programme

Study programme:


  • Design technologies and techniques in construction
  • Construction and methods of their analysis
  • Basements and methods of their strengthening
  • Energy and resource-saving types of constructions
  • Reconstruction design of buildings
  • Coatings and surfaces
  • Prestressed constructions and methods of their production


Department of Constructions
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