Полоцкий государственный университет


Study programme:

Master students study general processes of devices of chemical, refinery and biotechnology enterprises, constructional specifications of materials such devices are made of; industrial component of chemical and petrochemical enterprises; design, assembly, setting, operation of process machines and devices; computerization of general petrochemical operations, innovations in chemical, petrochemical and biotechnology fields, scientific research and pilot studies.

Academic degree: Master of Science

Graduates work in/as:

  • Chemical, petrochemical, refinery and co-operating enterprises (biotechnology, chemical technology)
  • Educational institutions of all types
  • Continue their research at Post-graduate courses



  • Pedagogy and psychology of higher school
  • Theory and calculation of unit processes of chemical technology
  • Simulation and computerization of processes and devices of chemical technologies


  • Devices of chemical enterprises
  • Operation, repair and assembly of devices of chemical and petrochemical enterprises


Department of Technology and Equipment of Oil and Gas Processing
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