Полоцкий государственный университет


Study programme:

Master study gives an opportunity to acquire research skills in the field of design and building reconstruction. The students master modern methods, supervisory instruments and equipment in the process of sample tests of constructions, ability to use latest computational software for building design and solve non-standard structural tasks. The study programme is regarded as a basic training for further postgraduate study.

Academic degree: MSc in Engineering

Graduates work in:

  • Design-engineering organizations
  • Construction departments of enterprises
  • Administration and Management departments
  • The field of vocational education and training
  • Test-and-research centres aimed at the development specialized computational programs



  • Pedagogy and psychology of higher school
  • Modern technologies, design and construction methods
  • Modern constructions and buildings, methods of their calculation


  • Computation of constructions with the use of latest software complex
  • Experiment modeling, statistical processing


Department of Constructions
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