Полоцкий государственный университет


Study programme:

Training in this study programme includes thorough investigation of theory and practice of organizational activity in physical education, health-improving and adaptive physical culture, sports training at different types of educational establishments. The study program provides the development of knowledge and skills in research and education for the forthcoming studying at PhD courses, as well as for research and pedagogic activity at different establishments of the region.

Academic degree: MA

Graduates work in/as:

  • educational establishments of all type
  • children and juvenile sports schools
  • out-of-school educational establishments
  • sports, tourist and fitness clubs
  • service organizations of tourism and travel agencies
  • at departments of education and management of executive branch



  • Higher school pedagogic and psychology
  • Psychological and pedagogical principles of physical training
  • Fundamentals of scientific and methodological activity in physical culture and sports


  • Theory and methods of main forms of physical culture
  • Theory of sports


Department of physical culture and sports
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