Полоцкий государственный университет


The qualification given – ‘Engineer Mechanic’.

Our specialists can work at different enterprises of oil refinement and other fields. All graduates get the first working place that can provide them with the highest salaries in the republic.

The students’ practical training is carried out mainly at plants “Naftan”, “Polymir”, and “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”. At these enterprises the students also get the material for their course and diploma projects.

For those who want to connect their lives with science, it is possible to get a post-graduate training at the speciality ‘Equipment for the Chemical Technology’.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering – is a field of knowledge that represents the interconnection of Chemistry and engineering sciences. Production processes of Chemical Engineering consist of numerous chemical, biological, and physical processes. Chemical and biological processes change chemical nature of substances; with the help of physical processes substances change their shape and modify, cool down, or warm up. These processes have enormous value for global economy.

The apex of Chemical Engineering is Mathematic Simulation of the equipment for the chemical technology. Nowadays it is very important to design and exploit energy-saving technology. That demands deep knowledge and leads to the improvements of Chemical Engineering.