Полоцкий государственный университет


The program 1-37 01 07 «Auto Service»

There is a very important question connected with highly-skilled specialists ensuring in the field of motor transport taking into account the increase of car parks, the number of motor transport and auto repair enterprises, the development of transport and expeditionary services, autoservice, company and dealership centers of car and repair factories, systems of wholesale and retail trade of motor transport technology and others.

Functional and official duties, content of specialists’ labor activity.

According to the educational standard of the program 1-37 01 07 and national classifier of the Republic of Belarus «Programs and qualifications» the graduates of the program «Auto Service» are connected with:

  • Production and technological, designed, scientific and teaching activity in the field of designing;
  • Technical service and transport repair.

Where will graduates work according to this program?

Young specialists can work at different enterprises and organizations:

  • Motor transport, auto repair stations of technical service;
  • In transport departments and services of industrial enterprises, public transport;
  • Enterprises of agriculture and industrial complex;
  • In the education system.

According to the National Classifier of the Republic of Belarus 011-2009 the graduates can work as:

  • Engineer;
  • Engineer-researcher;
  • Engineer-controller;
  • Engineer-assistant;
  • Mechanical engineer;
  • Engineer responsible for implementation of new techniques and technologies;
  • Engineer responsible for equipment packaging;
  • Engineer responsible for automation and mechanization of production processes;
  • Engineer responsible for setup and tests;
  • Engineer responsible for technical control.

Form of studying: Postal (5,5 years)

Entering exams (central tests):

  • Belarusian (Russian) language;
  • Mathematics;
  • Physics.