Полоцкий государственный университет


Geodesy is one of the most ancient sciences. The word ‘geodesy’ is formed from two words ‘land’ and ‘divide’. The science itself appeared as a result of practical human activity while arranging the borders of ground areas, building irrigation canals, and draining the land. Modern Geodesy solves difficult scientific and practical tasks. This is the science about the defining of the shape of the earth, about changes on the land surface with its reflection on plans and maps. The aims of geodesy are achieved by means of measurements by geodetic instruments. Geodesy is based on knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Cartography, Geography, and other disciplines.

Geodesy has different divisions: Higher Geodesy, Cosmic Geodesy, Topography, Photographic survey and Engineering Geodesy. Each branch has its own subject of investigation, its own aims and methods of their achievement.

Higher Geodesy investigates the shape and the size of the Earth and other planets, the methods of defining the coordinates of the points on the surface for the territory of the whole country.

Cosmic Geodesy solves geodetic problems with the help of artificial satellites of the earth.

Topography investigates the ways of studying the earth surface and its depiction on maps and plans.

Photographic survey deals with measurements form aerial and cosmic photographs for different purposes, including composing the maps and plans, measurements of building and different objects.

Engineering Geodesy studies the methods of geodesic provision while working out the projects, building and exploitation of different objects, and also while studying and protecting the natural resources.

Faculty of Geodesy — the only one in Belarus, where the engineers-geodesists are being trained for work not only for Belarus, but for numerous countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Cooperation with the Royal Technological Institute and geodetic service of Sweden gives the best graduates the opportunity to get a post graduate training in Sweden.

The Faculty occupies an important place in the design and realization of the scientific and technical policy of the geodetic service of the country.

The President’s decree states that the professional holiday of Geodesy is celebrated February 21. This day is also the day of the Faculty of Geodesy at PSU.

All in all 350 students are being trained at the faculty. There is a possibility to get a post graduate training at the speciality ‘Geodesy’.