Полоцкий государственный университет


The deterioration of the ecological state of water resources makes it more and more difficult to provide the population with high quality water. The solution of this problem is not an easy task and it presupposes the specialists’ deep knowledge in different fields of modern science, technique, and technologies.

That is why students master different subjects during the whole period of training:

  • mechanics of liquids, water chemistry and microbiology;
  • pumps and pump stations, water intake structures, networks of water supply and water utilization, technology of purification of natural and drain waters, and many others.

During the period of training students carry out course projects and have practical trainings. At the final stage students work on diploma projects and then present them. The themes of the diplomas are connected with a complex solving of all issues that touch the system of water supply and water utilization in a town or at the enterprises.

The graduates are qualified as building engineers. This qualification gives the right to work in scientific and research, design and building organizations, and many other institutions.

There also exists the opportunity to get a post graduate training.