Полоцкий государственный университет


Polotsk State University invites you to participate in Belarusian language and culture summer school in ancient Polotsk!

It’s a great chance to learn Belarusian language, literature and culture, to get acquainted with Belarus, its traditions and beauty.


Studying Belarusian philology is offered according to the following directions:

  • Belarusian language: intensive communicative course, bases of linguo-cultural studies
  • Belarusian literature: the most important pages of Belarusian literature from the past to the present: from the Eastern Slavic first-printer Francysk Skaryna to the Nobel Laureate Svetlana Alexievich
  • Belarusian culture: traditional culture of Belarusian Podvinye, unique architecture of the city museum Polotsk.

People choose us because

  • we are in historical and cultural centre of Belarus and geographical centre of Europe
  • our educational traditions go back to 1581
  • we use only intensive teaching methods

For who?

The summer school program is meant for those who start studying Belarusian philology and also want to improve their knowledge and skills.

pdf small Programme of Belarusian Language and Culture Summer School (English)

pdf small Programme of Belarusian Language and Culture Summer School (China)

pdf small Programme of Belarusian Language and Culture Summer School (Russian)


The cost depends on the duration (10-15 days) and the number of participants.


The first half of September.


You get

  • Belarusian language, literature and culture lessons – 6 hours per day (two lectures during the first part of the day and seminars during the second one – different aspects of Belarusian language, literature and culture with the team of highly skilled teachers and tour guides);
  • coffee-breaks;
  • souvenir products;
  • cultural and language immersion;
  • master-classes: o symbols of Belarusian ornament, Belarusian paper cutting, doll-mascot;
    • with participation of traditional singing band «Vargan», traditional Belarusian games and dances;
    • «Noble antiquity» - medieval Belarusian music, medieval dances master class excursion to university campus – former Polotsk College – visiting «Reconstruction project «The Mechanical Head»».
  • tours around interesting historical and cultural places of the city museum Polotsk
  • entertainment program:
  • party «Bon App?tit» - Belarusian food, flyer-exhibition of Belarusian recipes «Take Belarusian food with you»;
  • drama school: production of Belarusian works of literature;
  • Belarusian film-screening;
  • language certificate.

Extra paid

  • Accommodation;
  • Meal;
  • Flight;
  • Transfer services (Minsk National Airport – Polotsk; Polotsk – Minsk National Airport);
  • Registration fee (~12 $);
  • Consular fee;
  • Medical insurance (~25 $);
  • Museum tickets:
    • Saint Euphrosyne Monastery,
    • Sophia Cathedral,
    • Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing,
    • Simeon of Polotsk Museum and Library.

To become School Participant

An application form is to be sent to one of the e-mail addresses listed below. Indicate, please

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Age
  • Country


Summer school in Polotsk is an acquaintance with the oldest city of Belarus, Belarusian medieval dances, immersion into traditional native culture!