Полоцкий государственный университет


On December 22, 2016 the representatives of Humanities Faculty of Daugavpils University visited the Faculty of History and Philology at Polotsk State University. The delegation was headed by Maja Burima, a professor of the Department of Latvian literature and culture, dean of Humanities Faculty, a correspondence member of Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Among guests there were also associate professors and lecturers of the Departments of Russian and Slavic Linguistics, History, Latvian Literature and Culture; Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate students.

The Cooperation Agreement

The Agreement of Cooperation between the Faculty of History and Philology of Polotsk State University and Humanities Faculty of Daugavpils University became the main result of the visit. Both sides aimed the most important directions of their joint work according to the 2016-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme. The representatives of both universities have planned to hold a practical seminar for young researchers of Daugavpils University and Polotsk State University in May 2017.

The Cooperation between Daugavpils University and PSU

Both Departments have scheduled a joint conference which will be carried out on October, 26-27 2017.

The representatives of Daugavpils University and PSU also discussed the peculiarities of student, research and creative life at both universities during the meeting with the editors of the literary miscellany, students and postgraduates of the Faculty of History and Philology.

Guests from Daugavpils University at PSU

The guests from Daugavpils University visited the library of World Literature room, Swedish centre, ethnographic laboratory and also had an excursion around Polotsk College.

The excursion around Polotsk College

Visit of the representatives of Humanities Faculty of Daugavpils University to PSU