Полоцкий государственный университет


On November 17, 2017 in the International Students’ Day the solemn opening of the HyPar installation took place at Polotsk State University. The event was devoted to the Year of Science in the Republic of Belarus. The full name of the sculptural composition is a hyperbolic paraboloid of Gaussian double curvature. The height of the object is 2.5 meters. The composition reflects the unity of science and modern art that has become a symbol for our university in the year of scientific discoveries.

The opening ceremony

The HyPar installation

In the welcome speech the author of the idea, the rector of Polotsk State University, professor, Doctor of Science in Engineering Dmitry Lazovsky underlined: «This year our university has significant results in the research field: defenses of Doctorate and PhD theses, researches, creation of the Petrochemical cluster and industrial lab for solving problems of the petrochemical complex. This composition – a hyperbolic paraboloid – unites all the events. It has become a true symbol of the research activity for our university. The sculpture has a mysterious ruled surface. Our engineers have found a good solution: when several surfaces of the hyperbolic paraboloid cross, we’ve got such a composition. It represents the memory about the Year of Science in our country and also the scientific search among students and lecturers at our university».

Dmitry Lazovsky

Dmitry Lazovsky awarded the certificates to PSU staff who participated in the creation of HyPar.

The certificates to PSU staff

The certificates to PSU staff

The author of the project, an associate professor at the Department of Architecture Victor Lukyanenko told about the sculpture and underlined its significance for our university: «Such a sculptural composition as a hyperbolic paraboloid is unique in Belarus. Here we can see two absolutely opposite «rivers» – the river of science and the river of art and architecture. On the one hand it is a sculptural composition, on the other one, it is an illustration of mathematical statements. If we have a look at the whole human art, we can see that it is based on the formula of beauty and harmony that exists everywhere. We hope that this object will be interesting not only for our university, but for the city and its citizens».

Victor Lukyanenko

The head of the Department for ideological work, culture and youth activity at Novopolotsk municipal executive committee Vladimir Belyaiev underlined: «Polotsk State University is regarded as one of the best universities in our country. You have the most beautiful, talented, athletic and ambitious students. We can see that due to multiply wins and achievements in different competitions. These students are united by one thing – they are all students of Polotsk State University. I’m sure that this symbol will contribute to the development of new talents, scientific discoveries».

The Vice-Rector for Science, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor Dmitry Glukhov: «Let me congratulate all the students and academic staff of Polotsk State University with the International students’ day! The installation, that we are opening today, can be regarded not only as an innovation but also as a gift to the city and students. This sculptural composition reflects the harmony and the beauty of mathematical statements. This is the first installation in our city that lets our conscious be free. We start to look at the art in a new way».

During the International Students’ Day the university has a good tradition to carry out the day of students’ self-government. Our doublers have taken part in the installation opening that has become a symbol of science at Polotsk State University.

The vice-rector-doubler for science Mark Sergeyev (student at the Faculty of Information Technology): «Today we are opening a mysterious composition. Every day and every year when we look at the installation, I would like to remember this year of science and this students’ day not depending on the date and time. Congratulations!»

Mark Sergeyev

The rector-doubler Kristina Nikiforova (student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering): «It is very symbolic that this sculpture, devoted to the Year of Science, is opened today in the International students’ day at our university! I’m sure that our university will help us – its students – to become excellent successors and will show the directions for the further development!»

Kristina Nikiforova

We hope that HyPar will be a great emblem for scientific learning!