Полоцкий государственный университет


On November 17, 2017 Polotsk State University celebrated one of the most important events for all students – the International Students’ Day. Our academic staff and students had an opportunity to take part in many interesting events and feel the atmosphere of student years, to have new wonderful impressions.

The festive concert

For the second time our best students at all the Faculties had a great chance to replace the university administration during the Day of Student Self-Government. One more significant event was the solemn opening of the HyPar installation dedicated to the Year of Science in the Republic of Belarus.


During the whole day student studying at all Faculties presented their programs: Radio Engineering Faculty – humorous questions; the Faculty of Information Technology – a mini-competition and online quiz; the Faculty of Law – a quiz and karaoke competition, – the Faculty of Finance and Economics – a game «One, two, three»; the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology – a quiz; the Faculty of Civil Engineering – competitions; the Faculty of Humanities – a karaoke contest and awarding the winners of the emblem competition.

Taking memorable photos

The concert devoted to the International Students’ Day was one of the bright events for the whole day.

Memorable photos

The festive concert

The Rector of Polotsk State University, Doctor of Science in Engineering Dmitry Lazovsky opened the concert with his welcome speech and underlined the significance and importance of such a period – student days – for all people.

Dmitry Lazovsky awarded one of our best students – Kristina Nikiforova – for her good results in the study process, participation in the social life at the university, high achievements in the cultural work.

Awarding one of the best students

Kristina Nikiforova Kristina expressed her gratitude to the university administration, lecturers and staff at PSU for their support. She has admitted that she’s proud of being a part of such a big family and a huge team as Polotsk State University!

The Certificates were also delivered to the following students:

  • Maksim Moshtyl – a student of Civil Engineering Faculty;
  • Sergey Skuryat – a student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology;
  • Mark Sergeyev – a student of Information Technology Faculty

Awarding students

The Vice-Rector for Academic affairs at PSU Yury Golubev (PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor) and his vice-rector-doubler, a student of Civil Engineering Faculty Anna Lyubetskaya also congratulated all the students with this important event.

Yury Golubev and Anna Lyubetskaya

The concert program was followed by the great performances of popular university creative groups – a modern dance studio TORYDANCE, a vocal group MIRACLE, a school Breakdance DD CREW and our first-year students with their best performances during the festival The Debut – 2017.


Breakdance DD CREW

A vocal performance

A concert performance

The amazing performance



The choir studio at PSU

There was one more surprise for the audience – the first performance of the choir studio at PSU.

The Vice-Rector for educational affairs at Polotsk State University Pavel Kovalenko (PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor) and his vice-rector-doubler, a student of Civil Engineering Faculty Valeriya Maseykova summarized the final results of the annual festival for our first-year students The Debut – 2017.

Pavel Kovalenko and Valeriya Maseykova

According to the results for all competitions the best Faculties were the following:

1st place – Law Faculty;

The winner of the festival

2nd place – Faculty of Finance and Economics;

2nd place

3rd place – Faculty of Civil Engineering

3rd place

Happy International Students’ Day!

The end of the concert