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Gennady Lasuta, the Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, internal service major general, visited Novopolotsk on May 25, 2018. He paid a visit to information and demonstration playgrounds organized by Novopolotsk Executive Committee. There our special guest could examine joint development produced by students and academic staff of the Radio Engineering Faculty, the Department of Electronic Engineering and Energy of PSU. That creation is “SOS button” known as “alarm button”.

The Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations

Joint development “SOS button”

The system represents a stationery device including two buttons: an ordinary one and a wireless (portable) SOS button. The presented system functioning is compatible with SIM-card mobile communications regardless the operator chosen. In case of an emergency call or feeling sick, one should push either the device button or wireless SOS button. After the mentioned done, the system starts to alarm the programmed numbers such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations, ambulance, relatives, others sending a text message. The message actuates an audio signal for alarming those being nearby. When the alarm is set accidently, one may report false alarm by pushing a cancel button.

The device can be complemented following the client`s request. It may comprise various transducers alarming in case of smoke conditions, carbon dioxide etc. The alarm service works autonomously and it does not require user`s direct intervention.

The automatic system may alarm emergency services through test messaging providing the information about case type (smoke conditions, fuel contamination, fire etc) and about the address a device set. The emergency services arrival time may be dramatically reduced. Moreover, it helps to make people feel more secure. The device design and function conveniently suit older people and people with disability.

The presentation of the “SOS button”

Nowadays that device development model is tested. Further, a special program allowing service dispatchers to get an instant call location on a map is developed.

Gennady Lasuta took a deep look at the tool created meanwhile evaluating its functions and usability. Besides, he asked some questions to clarify the details and was satisfied with the answers. Having endorsed the project, Gennady Lasuta insisted on further work.

Gennady Lasuta

Significantly, the project entitled as “Emergency call system for people with disability” has received the following awards:

  • 3rd Class Certificate, Junior Researchers Republican Competition, 2017
  • Winner of “100 ideas for Belarus” Republican Project
  • Winner of “Boundless projects”, III International Forum “Vitebsk region innovative enterprise “Moving from small to big”, November 17, 2017

Therefore, we can reasonably predict further successful development of the project.