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While students are getting ready for the exams, all the lecturers use any possibility to upgrade their professional skills. On June 7-15, 2018 Polotsk State University hosted trainings for English language teachers. The seminars were carried out by the Centre for Foreign Languages Study at our university and the U.S. Embassy in Belarus. Crystal Bock Thiessen, a lecturer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), shared her experience and knowledge.

Crystal Bock Thiessen

Master classes and seminars were meant for university lecturers and for school teachers.

Training for English Language teachers

37 university lecturers and 58 school teachers from Novopolotsk and Polotsk were awarded certificates of successful course completion.

PSU lecturers

PSU lecturers

Some of the topics that were included in the training programme: “Improving critical thinking among pupils when teaching a foreign language”, “Gamification as a method of improving creativeness and an ability to critical thinking”, “Blogging as a method of teaching writing”, “Methods of effective correcting mistakes”, “Infographics in teaching foreign languages”.

Crystal Bock Thiessen

PSU lecturers during the training

Apart from that Crystal Bock told about team work, also how to help students to develop their stress tolerance and ability to self-analysis.

Crystal Bock Thiessen: “The most important thing in teaching lecturers is to understand what is really relevant for them at the moment. Otherwise, the training will be useless. I always try to adapt my own experience and information according to group’s responds so everyone, who attends master classes or seminars, can get something necessary and important”.

The most significant feature of the training is its practical meaning. Each of the suggested methods and kinds of teaching has been developed during group, pair or individual work. According to the results of master classes the participants presented several group and individual projects: they created their own infographics and blogs, developed additional tasks for study books. Such an approach guarantees improving skills and getting an ability to use them during seminars with students and pupils. Crystal Bock Thiessen paid attention to the modification of some methods taking into account working conditions for lecturers, level and age of students and pupils.

Training with a lecturer from USA

The dynamic and individual approach also led to creating working atmosphere. Crystal Bock Thiessen had thought over her trainings having respond to relevant demands for the audience.

English language teachers from Novopolotsk and Polotsk had a seminar on some relevant topics according to syllabuses.

University lecturers and school teachers from Polotsk and Novopolotsk

Centre for Foreign Languages Study of Polotsk State University and all the participants of the training express their sincere thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Belarus and also Crystal Bock Thiessen for the informative and effective training, working process and an opportunity to improve their skills.