Полоцкий государственный университет


Wide smiles, shining eyes, academic dresses and colorful festive attire of graceful ladies and real gentlemen, those, who seem to have just entered Polotsk State University, are saying today: “I am a graduate of this wonderful university!” And these words are being said not by chance: the university has presented a new start in their life. 1966 graduates, including 51 foreign students, were awarded Diplomas of Higher Education.

Graduates of the Faculty of Humanities

Graduates of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Graduates of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology

Graduates 2018

Graduates 2018

There were 841 full-time students and 1125 part-time students among certified specialists. All the graduates who had been studying on a full-time basis were given guaranteed first working places.

The most sought-after graduates were the ones of the following study programmes:

  • “Roads and motorways”
  • “Transport engineering”
  • “Computer, systems and networks”
  • “Geodesy”
  • “Pre-School Education”
  • “Computer security”
  • “Equipment for the Chemical Industry and Enterprises of Construction Materials”
  • “Equipment and technology of welding engineering”
  • “Software Support of Information Technologies”
  • “Industrial Electronics”
  • “Civil and Industrial Engineering”
  • “Radio engineering”
  • “Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection”
  • “Technical operation of vehicles”
  • “Technological Equipment in the Machine-building Industry”
  • “Machine-building technology”
  • “Economics and Business Administration”
  • “Electricity Supply”

Graduates of Radio Engineering Faculty

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mtf 1

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Traditionally the better part of graduates got their first working places in Vitebsk region. Employers from the following companies and institutions showed the most interest:

  • OJSC “Naftan”
  • UE “Vitebskoblgas”
  • UE “Institut Vitebskgrazhdanprojekt”
  • OJSC “Vityas”
  • LLC “Point”
  • OJSC “LMZ Universal”
  • LLC “Andersen”
  • Departments of Education, Sport, and Tourism of Novopolotsk Executive Committee and District Executive Committee of Polotsk
  • OJSC “Minsk Automobile Plant”
  • RUE “Vitebskenergo”
  • JV LLC “Novopolotsk Metal Structures Plant”

fef 1

Anton Klimovich

uf 2

Milana Shavlis

Ayoub Zein Alabdin

Not only graduates of the first stage of higher education got their diplomas. 61 students taking their master’s degree got their diplomas.

Graduates told about their studies at university and shared the most pleasant memories with us. Moreover, they left parting words for future students.

Vladislav Lovkis, Radio Engineering Faculty: “Polotsk State University has given me irreplaceable knowledge for my profession. Besides, it helped me to get acquainted with wonderful, smart people who are extremely good at their work. I wish current and future students to participate more in the social life of our university and inherit the whole experience of real professionals!"

Kristina Nikiforova, the Faculty of Civil Engineering: “I have never regretted that I entered this very university during the whole period of studying at PSU. Science, creativity, sport – all of these aspects are being combined and developed at PSU. I gained not only good knowledge from my lecturers but also an invaluable life experience. I managed to reach my potential in study, science, creativity, to participate in conferences, concerts, republican and international competitions, events and festivals. I learned how to work in a team, met wonderful people and found faithful friends. I will always remember the years spent here delightfully.

I would like to wish our students to appreciate the time spent at university and not to waste it. I wish them not to be afraid of showing their worth and to strive for the best!”

Kristina Nikiforova

Ekaterina Dorina, the Faculty of Law: “I would like to say that I am very proud of having studied at Polotsk State University. I will always remember these four happy years of my life. Entering PSU I did not even think about what I would get at the end. Due to PSU and great academic staff I was able to travel and participate in different programmes for students. PSU exceeded all my expectations. I hope that in the future our university will be proud of me!

I wish future students to pay more attention to foreign languages because our university actively helps students participate in international programmes and different summer courses. Learn languages and you will be able to travel!”

Evgeniy Shcherbik, Radio Engineering Faculty: “I would like to thank Polotsk State University for all the graduates. All of them will always be dignified, needed and sought-after professionals! I would also like to thank all the departments, especially the Department of Higher Mathematics for its love. But the most important thing for me is to be thankful to our parents. Thank you very much!"

Evgeniy Shcherbik

Anastasiya Kovalishina, the Faculty of Humanities: “Honestly, at the very beginning the atmosphere of the university just knocks you down. Everything you hear and see, all the people around – everything seems to be unimaginable, chaotic. Most of the time you try not to miss: the bus, the beginning of your class, lecturer’s speech, what to write and read, keep in mind and say. But it becomes clearer when you go further. A little more time passes and you feel as if you are at the centre of a huge and an ordered world. And you are a part of it all. And only now you can stop and stare. You can breathe out. Going back I see incredible people around, their smiles and tired faces, hear their chortle or irrepressible laughter. I hear them talking about everything in the world. I remember their gestures, behavior, tastes, minutes of fear adjoining despair, minutes of joy and pride, positive and negative sides. I seem to have changed, to have got and shared something at the same time. You start to see the world in a new way in any case, and the world starts to look at you in a new way too. I am so thankful to PSU! You are my amazing memory and unique experience”.

Valeriya Maseikova, the Faculty of Civil Engineering: “They say: “Polotsk State University means people”, and I agree with this statement. During these 5 years I have always been surrounded by people: smart, bright, talented and creative. I am grateful to all of them for knowledge and new skills, for help and friendship. Everyone makes their own history, and I will do my best to make it as interesting as possible. The university has changed me a lot. When I had entered PSU I had been frolic, but when got my diploma I was a level-headed and mature girl with big plans for the future. Going back I think if I wanted to change anything. I would like to change only one thing – I would like to remember every moment of my student life.

Thanks a lot to our teachers and first of all to Pavel Kovalenko for being a talented tutor at the faculty and then at the university. Thanks to the Department of Heat, Water and Gas Supply, and Ventilation. People there gave so priceless knowledge and skills, vivid memories, they cared about us a lot. It makes me feel sad to say goodbye. I am grateful to my group for these 5 years spent together: they have been interesting, easy and cool. I can say the words of gratitude to much more people because everyone at this university is great and special.

I wish future students to derive pleasure from every day of this wonderful student time, not to be reserved and to study hard. But they should not forget that PSU means not only studies but also a lot of interesting, new and surprising things and events”.

Ekaterina Rodchenkova, Radio Engineering Faculty: “I would like to congratulate all the graduates on the ending of our great work. Thanks to all the departments of our university. It is a real big family that I will always remember. Radio Engineering Faculty – you are the best!”

Ekaterina Rodchenkova

Serdamurat Aliyev (Turkmenistan), the Faculty of Law: "I would like to thank all the academic staff of my faculty for being qualified people and real professionals. Your work is the example of enthusiasm and dedication. Thank you a lot for your work! I wish you new professional achievements! I am very proud of studying at PSU! I would also like to say some words to the students of our university. Guys, you are so lucky that you are students of such talented, smart and kind people. I wish you to appreciate their work, to take care of them, to say more good words and to do more good things. You have chosen a worthy Educational Institution".

Anastasiya Sergeyeva, the Faculty of Humanities: “I would like to point out that we are special graduates: we are graduated the year of the 50th anniversary of the University. We are also the fifth-anniversary graduates of the specialty "Practical Psychology". I would like to thank all of our teachers: Svetlana Ostapchuk, Irina Andreyeva, our favorite supervisor Natalia Strunina and our young active lecture Kseniya Ivashkevich. She helps us to love psychology and science! Thanks to our university for opportunities that it provides and for the fact that psychology is being taught at a really high level”.

Svetlana Radevich

Evgeniy Kravchenko, the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology: "I’ve graduated from the university studying Machine-building technology. I lived in a dormitory because I was a nonresident student. Here you can especially feel the student life. When you live in a dormitory you go through a certain school of life. I mean you learn how to cook, to wash, to clean, etc. In general, the learning process made me more responsible and disciplined. I learned how to deal with people, make responsible decisions. It is very important for your future life.

Teachers from my department are qualified, and if you want to learn something new you will necessarily do this. I would like to thank our tutors for trying to teach us, though it was not always easy. Thank you for finding the approach to all of us. Our department is equipped with the latest equipment that enables to graduate specialists who move with the times. One of our teachers said: "You must learn how to learn during these 5 years because the learning process lasts forever".

During the time spent at PSU, I’ve got to know a lot of interesting people to talk to with is a real pleasure. I hope that we will keep in touch after our graduation. The time spent here was unforgettable. It is a pity that we cannot live this time once again".

Natalia Unukovich, the Faculty of Humanities: “I am so grateful to our teachers! We wish you to teach only motivated creative people. We wish your work to be estimated at your true worth. And now when I am keeping my diploma I want to say that we’ve got not only the diploma we have the evidence of what we have already achieved. Thank you very much!”

Natalia Unukovich

Valery Zhdan, Radio Engineering Faculty: "I feel like a real engineer! This is a very responsible step in my life. Thanks to our university, all the teachers, and people who have been studying with me. Thanks to everyone, well done! I am overwhelmed with emotions! We are walking on air!"

Valery Zhdan

Ekaterina Denisova, the Faculty of Information Technology: "The university gave me a lot: new knowledge, new acquaintances, friends, and new memories. As for me, I’ve tried to spend the time so that I can remember the student life. At the same time, I’ve never forgotten to study. I can say that out faculty is friendly that is why I have a lot to remember about.

I would also like to point out that our university provides many opportunities for self-realization, and that is great. Do you want to sing or dance? You are welcome. I chose to be a supervisor. I communicated with a lot of people. I have also developed qualities required for leadership. Going back I can say that I would be very happy to be a student for another couple of years. And as I always say to our first-year students: "Live your student years so that you have as many good memories as possible!""

Bahram Khaitov (Turkmenistan), the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology: “Polotsk State University is prospering, and every semester something new is waiting for us. It provides all the conditions for studies and life for foreign students. Here I got good education and became an engineer. I would like to thank the university for helping me to get acquainted with good people: groupmates and friends. Some of them became not only friends but a real family for me. I wish we were together. I wish good luck to all the graduates!”

Bahram Khaitov

Oksana Kopylova, the Faculty of Finance and Economics: “When some phase of your life ends, you involuntarily begin to sum up all that has happened. Looking back, I understand that studies have turned my life "upside down." I started studying on a fee-paid basis and managed to study on a budgetary basis sometime later. Moreover, I was appointed a presidential scholarship. And no matter how thorny and complicated this path was, I never regretted that I had chosen Polotsk State University!

PSU gave me 4 unforgettable years. This time is a remarkable period in my life. I met sincere and true friends here. Moreover, PSU gave me a lot of bright situations and emotions that affected my life so much. PSU made my dreams come true! One of those dreams was the Republican ball of graduates of HEIs and the award of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Perhaps, I can not imagine a more beautiful and better final point of my time as a student.

Oksana Kopylova

I am grateful to my parents and my family for their support. I felt it during the whole time of my studying. I am grateful to all the people who were helping me and were with me during this time. I am grateful to the representatives of the administration and the dean's office of the Faculty of Finance and Economics for conditions and opportunities being provided for all the students at PSU. I am grateful to the teachers and for them being kind and understanding. They see individuality in every person and accept all their strengths and weaknesses.

The Faculty of Finance and Economics is my favorite one! PSU is my favorite university! I am happy and proud of being a part of it all!”

Zhang Yinling (China), a Master’s student at the Faculty of Humanities: “I enjoyed studying at Polotsk State University. I did not only get knowledge here but also met new friends, got acquainted with wonderful people and visited a lot of interesting places. The most important thing is that Belarus has become very close to me. I got to know a lot about Belarusian culture and history. Polotsk State University made me better, gave me new useful ideas for studies, science and life. I wish the university further development and prosperity!”

Zhang Yinling

Viacheslav Rodnev, a Master’s student at the Faculty of Finance and Economics: "My dear colleagues, I would like to thank you for your hard work which has been inspiring us for the whole year. For me as an HR coordinator economics was something new; I was afraid of failing every time but I succeeded. I would like to thank one more time all of those who worked for us to become highly qualified specialists. Special thanks to Inga Zenkova, the Head of the Department of Economics, Management and Economic Theory, and Anna Lavrinenko, the Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics”.

Viacheslav Rodnev

Vladislav Khvatynets, a Master’s student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering: "There are great conditions for studying at PSU when you are taking your master's degree programme. The schedule is adapted to students, besides there is a lot of free time. Teachers always try to understand students taking a master's degree and always meet them halfway.

Undoubtedly you feel that you’ve got new knowledge. Information which you get during your master's degree is different from what you learn at the bachelor's degree. The master's degree program allows having an all-rounded development without departing from the main course, knowledge in which are backed up by specialized subjects.

Those who take the master's degree programme should be into studies and scientific research otherwise it will be impossible and useless. If you are such a person then I only wish you to be hardworking. You should not be lazy, should participate in scientific activities and different conferences, and publish your works. Master’s degree programme at PSU gives all the possibilities!”

Dear graduates! This period of being students is over but happy and colorful time is still waiting! We wish you to achieve your goals, overcome all the obstacles and try to do your best to make dreams come true! We wish you to make your life more positive every day! Good luck!

Graduates – 2018

Good Luck!