Полоцкий государственный университет


On September 14, 2018, the Faculty of Law held the meeting of the Heads of the Department of Justice of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee with the senior students of the Faculty of Law. Sergey Konopelko, the Head of the Department, made a presentation about the structure and the area of business of justice institutions. The main attention was paid to the work of executors. The Department of Justice prepared public service videos informing the students about one of the forms of preventive work of the law enforcement agencies.

The presentation of Maria Vlasenko, a PSU graduate, Deputy Head of the Department on Enforcement, Head of the Organization and Control Department, was useful and interesting as well. She shared her personal experience and informed the students about the history of creation and development of law enforcement agencies, the working conditions of modern executors.

Valery Titov, Head of the Sector of Organization and Personnel Management Work, spoke about the requirements for the executor post, about the terms of internship and about the specific features of the job.

  1. Konopelko provided the students with the answers to their questions and special literature, prepared by the judicial bodies of the Republic of Belarus, for education and research work of students and lecturers.

Inna Trotskaya, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminalistics