Полоцкий государственный университет


On September 19, 2018, during the Knowledge Week, the students had an opportunity to take part in the quest-excursion around the PSU campus in Mezhdurechye.

Each faculty was represented by a multicultural team of 8 people. The participants followed a guide-map and were supervised by a quest-tutor, who showed the shortest way to the next quest zone.

Illustrations quest zone was in the courtroom. The teams had to recognize what was illustrated and where it was situated. There were PSU campuses, Polotsk College library, disco hall of the new campus, “Mechanical Head” and even the grand piano from the concert hall of Polotsk College in the pictures.

Geography quest zone was in the conversation hall. The teams were to demonstrate their knowledge of the native country: they were to place correctly the regional centers on the map of Belarus and then tell what the city was famous for and what was depicted on its coat of arms.

In the historical quest zone, the participants had to match the Faculty and the year of its foundation.

In the information quest zone, the teams were offered to participate in the quiz on the university. The questions were rather difficult for the 1st-year students, but they managed to cope with them. The answers to the questions were the numbers that made a mobile telephone number. The participants were to send a text message with the word “quest” to that telephone number.

In the student quest zone, the participants had to build the word out of the letters that were in an envelope. Letter by letter the students were making up the word “self-organization”, which is the most important feature for a student.

In the literature quest zone, the teams were to make up a crossword out of their names. All the teams got the maximum score – 7 points.

In the musical quest zone, the participants had to name 5 songs of Belarusian singers.

At the last stage (different for each team), after completing the main task, the students were to find the final puzzle – the emblem of the Faculty.

The person responsible for the quest zone put the points into the team list, monitored the time and watched the students not to use any electronic devices.

Marina Grizhnevich and Irina Lyakh were responsible for counting the points and announcing the results.

The results were as follows:

1st place – the team of the Faculty of Finance and Economics

2nd place – the team of the Radio Engineering Faculty

3rd place – the team of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

The teams of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Radio Engineering Faculty scored the same number of points, but according to the results of the quick round of questions to the captains, the winners were the team of the Radio Engineering Faculty. The winning teams were awarded with certificates and sweet things. Moreover, all the participants could enjoy communication and delicious treats.

Our congratulations to the winners!

Irina Shipko

Photo: Polina Kosarevskaya