Полоцкий государственный университет


There are new listeners at the Preparatory Section at Polotsk State University: from Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Cameroon, Lebanese Republic and Republic of Iraq. Studying the Russian language will help the students to integrate into the students’ life and feel comfortable in different situations. Moreover, they get acquainted with the university campuses and the cities where they are situated.

Visiting the PSU campuses, the students could get acquainted not only with the facilities and resources of the university, but also with cultural and sports life of the university. Furthermore, they were able to learn the basic facts from the history of ancient Polotsk and young Novopolotsk, make souvenirs themselves.

The language barrier, which can be seen at the first stage, is not a big problem. The students’ mothertongues are: Arabic, French and English. Svetlana Yadrishchinskaya, Elena Semchenko and Natalia Adamovich, the preparatory section curators, play a big role in this.

The adaptation course is interesting and informative.

A. M. Kolesova, Head of the Preparatory Section