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On October 17-20, 2018, VI Youth Forum of Projects Initiatives “Nasledniki” took place in Pskov (Russia). The organizers were: Pskov regional social organization “Assotsiatsiya Gumanitarnoy Kultury” together with the Open institute of the Russian language and culture named after Y. Maymin, faculty of Russian philology and foreign languages of Pskov State University and Federal State Budget Institution of Culture “State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin ‘Mikhailovskoye’” supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

The participants were schoolchildren and students from different countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Turkmenistan. PSU students specializing in “History” represented Belarus: Polina Shklyar (group 15-IS), Nadezhda Rudakova (group 15-IS), Anton Gubsky (group 15-IS), Vitaly Petrushkevich and Irina Maley (group 16-IS).

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The main aim of the forum was to attract people’s attention to the problem of preserving and developing the Russian language and literature as national heritages, means of international communication and as an essential part of world civilization cultural heritage.

On October 18-19, the students presented their projects and creative works at the State museum-reserve of Alexander Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye”.

Vitaly Petrushkevich made one of the first presentations. He spoke about the “Studying of the Russian Language in Asian and American Countries in the 21st Century”. The project was aimed at the Russian language popularization in the world and various ways of development for its further popularization in Asia and America.

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4th-year students group (Polina Shklyar, Nadezhda Rudakova and Anton Gubsky) was the next to present the project “Classical and Modern Russian Literature Popularity among the Students of Polotsk State University”. The practical part consisted of the results of a survey on the classical and modern Russian literature preferences among the students of humanitarian and technical specialties at PSU.

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Irina Maley presented her project “Great Patriotic War in the Discourse of Collective Memory” on the last day of the forum. The aim of the project was to show the war events through the perception of Polotsk liberation participants and how the events were reflected on different levels in the Russian language.

The forum participants were awarded certificates of the VI Youth Forum of Projects Initiatives “Nasledniki”. The program was very busy and interesting. Our students learnt a lot of new information and spent their time in a good way.

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Maley Irina (group 16-IS), Faculty of Humanities