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The third club of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study at PSU, English Movie Club, was held on October 26, 2018. The topic was “Halloween” not only because it was the closes holiday, but because there was a possibility to get first-hand information from our American guests. The interest in the topic makes a discussion lively and fruitful.

Jocelyn Pihlaja, who works at our University, couldn’t miss the first Movie Club meeting. Alana Felton, a Fulbright professor working at Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, joined her as well.

English Movie Club 1

This time the participants were offered to divide into several groups and think of a name for their team. They were to watch the movies in a team and do the tasks given by the organizers.

English Movie Club 2

English Movie Club 3

English Movie Club 8

English Movie Club 9

Jocelyn’s and Alana’s performances were the highlight of the program. They prepared stories about traditions of the holiday in their native states and spoke about their own experience. The participants listened to the stories with great interest, laughed at the jokes and made questions for Jocelyn and Alana about the holiday celebration in America.

English Movie Club 12

English Movie Club 13

The questions were very diverse, and the answers were very entertaining. American lecturers shared their personal stories about the holiday, which made the discussion really interesting. It should be noted that the moderators had to help the participants less, because their confidence allowed them to communicate in English better than only a few weeks ago.

English Movie Club 4

English Movie Club 5

English Movie Club 6

English Movie Club 7

English Movie Club 10

English Movie Club 11

At the end, each team received a diploma that confirms the participation in the first Movie Club. As always, the moderators asked the students to say some words about the meeting.

Besides, they asked Alana, our guest from Vitebsk, to give feedback too. Her opinion was of value because she had a look on the club both as a lecturer and as a participant. Therefore, she was able to give an objective assessment of the meeting: “The Movie Club at Polotsk State University is a good way to master your English and a very entertaining event. The organizers know how to find the information needed and how to make it interesting for everyone. Even for an American, just like me, the Club was a perfect way to spend the evening getting acquainted with new people while watching humorous videos”.

The next Club meeting will be held in November. The Centre for Foreign Languages Study is open to your proposals on the topic for videos.

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