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On October 2 – 4, 2018, Belarusian Transport Week that included the International Specialized Exhibition “Transport and Logistics - 2018” was held in Minsk. This year, special attention was paid to the discussion of prospective directions of transport systems development in Belarus, growth promotion of trade flows across the country, safety improvement of transport activities, quality and efficiency of transport services based on digital transformation, investments and innovations attracting to the transport and logistics sphere. Besides, the topics of further international cooperation development and the image improvement of Belarus as a transit country were paid attention as well.

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This year, the representatives of relevant departments and businesses came to the forum. About 80 organizations from 9 countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, France, Sweden) took part in the exhibition “Transport and Logistics - 2018”.

Transport and logistics centers, manufacturers and dealers of the automotive equipment, equipment suppliers for logistics centers, insurance companies, seaport and railway administrations from the CIS countries took part in the exhibition as well. Moreover, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, the Association of International Road Carriers "BAMAP", Belarusian Association of International Forwarders “BAIF”, Regional Public Organization “Belarusian Transport Workers Union”, the Belarusian Railway and others were among the participants of the event.

Within the framework of the career-guidance and educational tour “Metropolitan Route” organized by the Tourists Centre of the university, the students of the specialty “Logistics” at Polotsk State University, made an official visit to the International Specialized Exhibition “Transport and Logistics - 2018”. The students had an opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of various transport companies, learn about the possibility to do an internship and job-placement and get the information for their scientific research.

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After the exhibition, the students went on excursion to China-Belarus Industrial Park “Great Stone”. The participants were shown the park structure and its territory. Besides, they were informed about its possibilities and further development. Moreover, the university representatives managed to visit the exhibition centre.

The visit to the customs terminal ZAO “China Merchants CHN-BLR Commerce and Logistics Company” was an important and interesting event for the future logistics specialists. The students could communicate with both the staff and the representatives of the company and learn about the working process.

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Viktoria Dubeyko, Faculty of Finance and Economics: “The visit to Minsk was quite interesting. We visited the exhibition, communicated with the representatives of various companies, who answered our questions and handed out colorful leaflets. This is very useful for the future logistics specialists, because you can set a goal – to work for a perspective firm. I was amazed with the size of the industrial park “Great Stone”. I liked the layout and modern design of the buildings. Without any doubt, I can say that our country is developing.”

Vitaly Kanin, Faculty of Finance and Economics: “Our trip was very informative. The representatives of different companies told us a lot about the directions in logistics and other things. Besides, we learnt about the New Silk Road and saw the results of the work of the rail transport route.”

Yana Potoyalo, lecturer at the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management
Information Studio “Fact”