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The teachers at the Centre for Foreign Languages Study choose the material that is useful for real-life communication with the representatives of English-speaking cultures. Each opportunity to communicate with the native speakers is obviously connected with the life facts that you should know about the country where the language is spoken.

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On October 31, 2018, the staff of the Centre together with Jocelyn Pihlaga, a Fulbright professor at PSU, conducted classes for the students to get acquainted with the history and traditions of Halloween celebration. Jocelyn told the students about the origin of Halloween and the way her family celebrates it.

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Speech practice was the most interesting thing. The students were invited to prepare or describe their Halloween costumes, to take part in trick-or-treating to get a treat or to complete a tricky task and, of course, to ask Jocelyn any relevant questions. The students were able to master their speaking skills using them in practice as the class was held purely in English.

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Olga Zhuravskaya, Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study: “Our aim is to provide our students with the opportunity to communicate with native speakers. Fortunately, now we have such a chance more and more often and we are happy to give our students live communication on relevant topics, just like today. Besides, we are glad that the command of English of the students is improving, which we can see from the fact that it is becoming easier for them to communicate with British and American representatives.”

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We would like to remind you that Jocelyn Pihlaja provides classes every week. The Centre for Foreign Languages Study informs about the place and participating groups beforehand.

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