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During autumn school holidays, on October 31, 2018, the Centre for Foreign Languages Study at Polotsk State University organized an informative event in English for schoolchildren of Polotsk and Novopolotsk. The children were offered not only to speak and complete familiar exercises but also to feel that they were the participants of a real English speaking club.

Emotions and ways of displaying them were the topic for the discussion. The pupils got acquainted with the topic related, traditional and the most modern colloquial vocabulary. The third part of the vocabulary was presented by Jocelyn Pihlaja, a Fulbright scholar at PSU. Besides, the schoolchildren watched some funny videos, thought about things that made them happy, demonstrated their acting talents showing definite emotions through facial expressions and gestures. What’s more, they even managed to make another person happy for some time according to the task.

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An hour and a half of active speaking just flew by. Every participant received new knowledge, impressions and useful materials provided by the Centre.

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At the end of the lesson, Olga Zhuravskaya offered all the participants to take part in an “emotional” photo session, showing emotions given by the lecturers.

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Olga Zhuravskaya: “It is important to attract schoolchildren now. Because they will have to choose a university to enter soon. Close acquaintance with Polotsk State University can play a decisive role in their choice.”

The pupils were interested in the proposal of the organizers to meet during the winter holidays. In addition, the schoolchildren thanked the lecturers sincerely for the exciting time spent together not only personally but also in the written form as it is traditionally required at the end of a class at the Centre.

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Photos: Irina Shipko