Полоцкий государственный университет


On December 5, 2018, Polotsk State University held a concert “Creativity without Borders”. Our bright, unique and talented international students, who represented 23 different countries and different cultures, introduced us to their Motherlands through the concert.

A stylized photo-zone, games and master-classes helped the participants to feel the atmosphere of internationality. A large concert showed our international students’ creativity and talents.

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In his welcoming speech, Dmitry Lazovsky, Doctor of Engineering, Full Professor, Rector of the University says that he is glad that the tradition of holding friendship evenings has been revived and promises that such evenings will be held regularly: “Education, the same as science, has no borders. And our long history proves it. Even in ancient times, we had scientists from various countries teaching at Polotsk College. In the times of Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute, a tradition of holding friendship evenings appeared. Today we have the students not only from different countries, but also from different continents, which forces us to break the barriers. The students are all unique but they are united, because they live in Belarus, on Polotsk land that has a lot of educational traditions and study at the same university – Polotsk State University.”

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The hosts Ashyr Jemirov, a student at the Faculty of Law, and Anna Kovtonyuk, a student at the Faculty of Economics, invited the audience to make a trip around the world to get acquainted with the university international students.

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Dancing group under the supervision of Ogultach Dovletova presented the audience a Turkmen folk dance.

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Vocal group “Miracle” performed national Belarusian song “Sokolonko”. The group looked incredibly graceful and authentic on the stage.

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An imaginable trip to Mongolia, one of the most interesting Asian countries that preserves its identity, was opened by a student of the Radio Engineering Faculty Naydan Bumannanzad. He presented the audience a Mongolian folk dance and a poem about his Motherland.

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Semira Goncho (Congo), a lively and talented student of the Faculty of Information Technologies, took the listeners to the hottest places in the world while performing her song.

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Student at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology Cristian Chemiziye Nnady (Nigeria) performed an enchanting song about his home and relatives.

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Everybody understands the language of music. Therefore, we can claim that Rebecca Mukenge, Preparatory Department student, was in tune with the audience.

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Julio va Julio Mukenge is a real celebrity in Congo, his motherland. He developed several musical projects realized in solo concerts. We are pleased that he is performing on our stage now!

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Baya Tshiteya Kaleb, a student from Congo, invited the audience to the streets of France, visit cozy cafes and enjoy the romance of the evening city of love.

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Yaroslav Yevtushevsky, a student at the Faculty of Humanities, sang a Kazakh folk song.

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A dancing composition of the Faculty of Civil Engineering brought the listeners back to Belarus.

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The final song performed by the international students together with the vocal group “Miracle” was the key performance that pleased the audience. How incredibly talented our international students are!

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We are looking forward to meeting you again and participating in new joint events!

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Irina Shipko
Photos: Polina Kosarevskaya