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On December 7, 2018, Polotsk State University held both an information forum “Promising Directions of IT-sphere” and a conference “Autodesk Tour 2018 Polotsk-Novopolotsk”.

The organizers of the event were Polotsk State University and a company “ITCO” together with Microsoft, Fujitsu, RRC, ITC-M and MUK-COMPUTERS. The products of our partners are actively used in the educational process. PSU is open not only to the modern technologies implementation, but also to new contacts establishment.

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PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yury Golubev, provided a welcoming speech. He announced the Academic Centre Autodesk opening at PSU and invited all those who were interested in cooperation.

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Dmitry Trofimov, who is the head of a team dealing with the implementation of BIM-technologies (Building Information Modeling) at “Vitebskselstroyproyekt” project institute talked about the history and useful experience of BIM-technologies implementation in the working process.

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The organizers and speakers spoke about the importance of running such events, the relevant problems and new solutions in the IT-sphere.

Viktor Kovalevsky, Marketing Director of “ITCO” company (Belarus): “We are holding the second conference together with Polotsk State University and we are the event coordinators. Last year we held a conference devoted to Autodesk. This year we have more topics to discuss: Autodesk, information security systems, licensing regulations and our colleagues, the company Fujitsu, and their ways scanning the documents.

We hope that the university lecturers, conference participants and our clients will learn more about the new solutions in the sphere of projecting, that our company and our colleagues offer, and will learn about the leader in the sphere of information security in the company Check Point.

This conference is useful for the students as well because this event allows to experience the technologies and make a more informed choice in the future.”

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Vitaly Krupsky, Legal Counsel, Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing at “ITCO” (Belarus): “We took into account the university administration’s suggestion to increase the number of topics to discuss. Today, the Fujitsu and Check Point distributors are presented at the conference. Besides, there is an exhibition of trade equipment, IT-security and IP telephony equipment. Moreover, there is a stand where one can see the projects via Virtual Reality. There will be three different sections held in the same time but in the different rooms.

We have decided to make a separate section for the students at the Faculty of Law and for law-related organizations to discuss the topic of copyright protection of computer software using the example of Microsoft. The speaker will answer all the relevant questions. The section devoted to Check Point will be held in the form of real-life communication. Besides, the section dedicated to Autodesk will be held and a presentation about the Fujitsu technique will be provided within the framework of the conference.

Polotsk State University, as the place of holding such an event, tries its best to get involved the most talented and gifted students. I consider it to be a form of encouragement. I am a lawyer and I understand that the questions that will be discussed at the section are not paid enough attention as a part of the curriculum. One can become experienced in the sphere only in practice which is difficult to get at the university. Self-education is the way to achieve something in life”.

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Dmitry Zakharenko, product Manager at Check Point, RPC Company (Russia): “Today I’ve come to the conference to tell the participants about the information security problems. The problem is global, that occurs in all countries. For example, the problems are similar in Russia and Belarus. According to the leading analytics, the number of cyber attacks increases every year. I’ll inform the audience about how the Check Point services can provide a high level protection for organizations.

My main task is to tell the participants about the problems and how to protect yourself from cyber attacks, that is what one can use to protect oneself. The second task is to find new partners and the people interested in Check Point products.”

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Vladimir Gruzdev, Manager of cyber security in Belarus and Microsoft SAM software assets direction development, Microsoft CIS (Belarus): “Today I’ll provide a presentation “Counterfeit Software Using Risks”. The risks are divided into legal, technical and reputational ones.  I’ll speak about the legal risks as there are a lot of Law Faculty students at the conference. I have been working for the company for more than five years and now I’d like to share my experience with the PSU students.

I hope the conference will be in a form of a dialogue. When I was a student, I wanted to communicate more with the people working in the sphere of counterfeit software using risks. I suppose that the students will ask questions actively. We’ll try our best to answer the questions.

Technology companies are constantly developing and the new solutions are created. The number of devices per person is increasing as well. Now we have up to five different devices per person compared to one per person in 2000. Technologies are developing too. So, the companies that deal with the developing and selling the solutions should inform the public, communicate with the future customers as often as possible. The software used by students during their studies is of great importance too, because later, when employed, they will be using the same software as they know the programs features.

It’s the first time I’m here. I can see a lot of international students. The students at the Faculty of Law have wonderful conditions for learning: a court room at PSU, where one can get a real court practice and try oneself in his or her future profession. Polotsk State University has a really good basis to provide a decent education”.

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Vyacheslav Barkun, Brand Manager Microsoft at MUK-COMPUTERS: “MUK-COMPUTERS is a company distributing hardware and software in Belarus”: “My report is devoted to cloud services, VDI, in particular, on remote terminals for connecting and using web-applications on the cloud service and not on the PC.

I want to tell the audience about the new technologies and views. Most of the commercial and educational institutions express skepticism about cloud services. I would like to dispel the myth and inform everybody about the advantages and the main differences of standard equipment and cloud services. Besides, I’d like to describe how to simplify a certain task and the workflow using the clouds.

Students are the generation that seeks modern technologies. The technologies simplify one’s work, increasing its speed and the speed of data processing, thus increasing efficiency. I’m afraid that if modern technologies are not presented to the youth, that will lead us to the dead end.

Polotsk State University surprised us with its style that is very close to the modern trends. Besides, its technology level is good!”

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Pavel Tishchenko, Brand Manager Autodesk of MUK-COMPUTERS company: “My report is about Autodesk. The main Autodesk concept is creating objects that will be used in the future. We can get a prototype of a modern technology at the stage of a project.

I’m sure that the main result will be the shining eyes of the listeners who understand that the technologies are always developing.

Nowadays, the information we share within the event framework is nowhere to be received but from the internet (forums, for example). Such form of holding the event, when we meet face to face, is the form that opens the eyes to many things.”

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Daria Alekseyeva
Photo: Polina Kosarevskaya