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For some schoolchildren, holidays are winter entertainment and computer games, while for others it is a good opportunity to learn something new and useful. That’s why, lecturers at the Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages Vera Gembitskaya-Bortnik, Violetta Kuskovskaya and Olga Lukyanova held entertaining English classes for schoolchildren of Polotsk State Gymnasium № 1.

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In spite of serious topics such as ‘Safety Rules during Winter Holidays’, ‘Motivation’, and ‘How to Spend Winter Holidays in a useful way?’ boys and girls could have fun and demonstrate their creative skills and uniqueness of thinking creating group projects using active vocabulary and active syntactical structures at the end of every lesson. Both teachers and schoolchildren got incredible pleasure from the time spent together. The schoolchildren expressed their desire to have such classes during spring holidays as well.

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Boys and girls shared their warmest feedbacks about the Winter Philological School.

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Anastasia Pashuta: "Going to these classes was really useful; we have learnt how to be productive, how to spend our free time. We have watched many interesting videos. Now I am motivated and full of energy. Thank you very much!"

Tonya Maley: "Learning new vocabulary was really useful. What is more, we have watched many interesting videos, yet my favourite one was about staying productive during my winter break. I also liked the game “would you rather…”. Thanks to everyone, who organized the lessons, they were really interesting".

Nastya Svintsitskaya: "Learning new words and revising them with the help of Youtube videos was very helpful and beneficial. I enjoyed learning new words and exchanging ideas because the atmosphere was really comfortable!"

Valeria Shakhovich: "I liked most of all the atmosphere of mutual respect, also I would like to say thank you for these amazing days".

Danik Kozlov: "I loved doing creative projects. Learning new words and interesing information at once was useful for me".

Milana Khalimova: "I liked watching funny videos and discussing them, it helps greatly to learn new words quickly!"

German Retukhin: "We have learnt loads of new words!"

Katya Bobkova:   "I liked everything because everything was interesting and useful".

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Vera Gembitskaya-Bortnik