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workshop “The Project Method”

Moderators, Vegera, Boreyko

We invite the lecturers to participate in the discussion of the new teaching methods. The project method is the first to be implemented into the educational process at our university.

Advantages of the project method

The project method helps to stay up to date. The Internet that immediately shows the answers to the search requests changes the teacher’s role. Nowadays, it is important to teach the students to acquire knowledge by themselves. Under the project method, the teacher’s interaction to the students’ work is limited to defining the objectives, planning stages and providing background information.

The contribution to the university’s strategy realization. The Head of the Educational and Methodological Department says: “The main university’s aim is to establish an internal quality assurance system that requires new training methods and abandoning the old ones: lectures and seminars”. The step towards achieving the goal is the project method that prepares flexible people ready to upgrade their knowledge. For the lecturers it is a way to make the teaching process more interesting, improve the education quality and strengthen their reputation among the university administration and colleagues.

Practical Seminar

“An idea fulfilled with all the heart”. W. Kilpatrick described the project method yet in the beginning of the XX century. The American pedagogue highlighted the fact that the education problem statement, search for the information and solutions to the problem captivate a person. A student becomes more interested in the subject and is ready to work extra hours without external control. The main requirement for the lecturers is to think of an interesting topic for the project that will captivate the students.

the Lecturers is to Think of the Project

The project method is the key to victory. Find your idea for the project, realize it and become one of the participants of the contest “Lecturer of the Year”. The authors of the most unusual and interesting projects will be invited to participate in the ceremony “Krynitsa Vedau”.

The method is working successfully

130 lecturers of Polotsk State University gathered together to attend the seminar in Mezhdurechye. It is 25% of the university academic staff, who will be the first to implement the project method into the educational process.

Working in Groups

First of all, the experts shared their experience of participation in the international projects and told everyone about the results of the projects organized for the students at the university.

Working on the Project

The motto of the 2nd seminar’s part was "Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand. Step aside and I’ll do it". The lecturers were divided into groups and were working for two days on the topics important for the university:

  • a new concept for a 1st-year student’s essay
  • distance learning at PSU
  • flexible courses for master’s degree students “Successful Career”
  • a new PSU career guidance strategy
  • writing highly informative texts
  • career guidance quests

The groups consisted of 4-6 people specializing in different disciplines.

 Working in Groups

The lecturers offered ideas, gathered and analyzed the information, organized and generalized the data.

The lecturers succeeded thanks to the skill to assign the roles and demonstrate leadership, work in a team and communicate, find solutions in unusual situations and manage the time.

Nadezhda Boreyko: “The participants understood the importance of soft skills while solving the work problems. We hope that the lecturers will reconsider the teaching process and understand that the soft skills, which cannot be developed during lectures, are no less important than knowledge and professional competencies”.

The groups discussed the results the following day.

The participants provided 6 presentations with the results of the projects during the final discussion.

The Final Discussion

The Presentation of the Project

Nadezhda Boreyko shared her opinion: “The lecturers presented wonderful projects that were very interesting and diverse. I liked them very much. I hope that we will get a good final product after some modification”.

According to the results of the questionnaire, 97 % of the lecturers were satisfied by the results and the organization of the seminar.

Svetlana Vegera

First Vice-Rector of the University Svetlana Vegera notes: “2019 will be the year of the project method at PSU. First of all the lecturers themselves tried “learning by doing” and now they are ready to implement the method into their educational process. The projects will be discussed at the Faculties and Departments. Eventually, every lecturer will become acquainted with the project method principles. We hope that starting from September they will start practicing the method with the students. I suppose that the active teaching methods will refresh the educational process and the university will become the place where the studying is not deprived from the real life”.

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The article is the result of the work of the project group “From an Infomotive to the Infotext”. The participants:
Tatiana Gordeyonok, Head of the Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages
Victoria Matveychuk, assistant at the Department of Architecture
Olga Shavlyuga, senior lecturer at the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management
Irina Kiryakova, associate professor at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law
Marina Voloshina, senior lecturer at the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation systems