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That was exactly the topic of another “GURU” club meeting at Polotsk State University provided for the students in their 1st and 2nd years of study and the students at the Preparatory Department.

 The moderators and organizers of the event were Lyudmila Urban and Natalia Adamovich, lecturers at the Preparatory Department and the Department of Slavonic Philology, who prepared various topics for discussions, games and entertainments.

Lyudmila Urban

Lyudmila Urban


Natalia Adamovich

  • “Guess the Profession” is an interactive game that shows specialists’ skills and abilities that are necessary for this or that profession;

Guess the Profession

vse professii vazhny 8

vse professii vazhny 1

  • “Professional’s Toolbox” is a game that is aimed at naming the instruments and tools necessary for a particular profession. The participants guessed the professions by the tools used there and enriched the vocabulary in that way;

vse professii vazhny 16

vse professii vazhny 13

  • Psychological test based on geometrical figures. To define the student’s personality types, each of them should choose a geometrical figure. They could compare the psychologists’ descriptions with their own preferences;
  • Creation of a “Business project”. After defining their professional preferences, the participants were divided in creative workshops. Using scissors, glue, pencils, paper, magazines and newspapers, each team created a “Business Project” and presented it. Besides, the students asked questions and had fun trying themselves in different activities;

Creation of a “Business project”

Creation of a “Business project”

vse professii vazhny 18

vse professii vazhny 15

  • The last was a mime-game “Crocodile”. Using facial expressions, gestures and artistic skills, one person showed different professions and all the rest guessed them.

A Mime-game “Crocodile”

vse professii vazhny 12

During the meeting, the students had an opportunity to communicate with their friends, learn more about themselves and think of their future profession keeping in mind that PSU provides a great number of study programmes they can choose for their future!

vse professii vazhny 14

Delicious Treats for the Participants

Let’s expand the world boundaries together!

Lyudmila Urban, Natalia Adamovich, Anna Nanos
Photos: by the author and Polina Kosarevskaya