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Grammar is not just rules or mechanics, but something more vivid and exciting.  At least the students attending English Grammar Club at Polotsk State University think so. This Club gives everyone the opportunity to study grammar by vivid and relevant examples as cramming is not required here.

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On March 15, 2019 the Club invited everyone to get an understanding of past tenses in English. The guests refreshed their knowledge and learnt some secrets to use the tenses in everyday interaction. All the tasks proposed by the moderators imitate real-life situations, thus the participants imitate real-life situations during the Club meeting. It means that the students acquire English speaking skills, which, if mastered further, will help them to communicate successfully with a native speaker.

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The lecturers of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study at PSU pay special attention to the diversity of tasks: the participants speak and listen to each other, change the person they are talking to, watch short authentic videos with explanations or examples, move around and work in groups.  And, of course, the guests have a cup of tea or coffee with delicious treats, which makes the atmosphere warm and informal.

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Moreover, the students studying languages at the Centre help to organize the Clubs more and more often. This time they prepared the advertising design and some of the tasks. This activity is useful not only for the moderators, but also for the participants, because they improve their language proficiency as well.

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Let’s discover the world diversity together!

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