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On March 22, 2019, another English Games Club meeting organized by the Centre for Foreign Languages Study offered the participants to practice English by playing board games.

game club 1

game club 2

game club 3

Thanks to Jocelyn Pihlaja, a Fulbright professor, who worked for half a year at our university, the Centre has several board games in English. The games were made for native speakers, therefore they can help to practice an up-to-date spoken language while playing.

game club 4

game club 5

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game club 9

The participants could play 5 games of different complexity levels during the meeting. The time was organized in such a way that everyone could play the games and not get bored. Meanwhile, the students could practice individual and group work to complete the tasks mastering their language skills.   

game club 10

game club 12

During the game, the participants received tokens for the right answers. This time, a teacher from Iran Khamid Reza, who came to the Club for the second time, gained more tokens than everyone else and got a prize.

game club 16

game club 17

Nevertheless, everyone wins - because board games in English help to develop soft skills like communicative skills and emotional intelligence, necessary for successful studies and work. That’s why the students who attend our clubs regularly have a priceless opportunity for self-development.

game club 7

game club 8

We can’t but mention that there are more and more regulars at our Clubs. What’s more, they are not only from Belarus, but also from Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Russia and other countries.

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The Centre leadership and Clubs moderators would like to remind you that you can follow the news on social media: VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram. Besides, you can find the photos from the meetings and the information about the coming meetings and projects there.

Let’s discover the world diversity together!

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