Полоцкий государственный университет


The lecturers at Polotsk State University organize Chinese language lessons in a creative way. Apart from studying the language, the students learn a lot about the culture and mentality of the Chinese people. During a lesson that was held on March 28, the students got acquainted with Chinese cuisine and even tasted it.

The lesson Acquaintance with Chinese Cuisine” was prepared by Tong Linzhu, a volunteer of Confucius Centre at PSU. The lesson began with watching a film in Chinese about the cuisine traditions, which are a large part of the country’s culture and the world view. The students learnt some secrets about cooking recipes and seasonings usage. After watching the film, Linzhu treated the students to some Chinese dishes that she had cooked herself.

The Treatment Cooked by Linzhu

For their part, the students shared the secrets of Belarusian cuisine. This created a warm and family-like atmosphere during the lesson, and proved that interactive approach is the most effective teaching technology.

Chinese Dishes Tasting

The Students that Participated in the Lesson

We invite everyone to join our united family in the next academic year.

Elena Larionova
Anna Nanos