Полоцкий государственный университет


Polotsk State University cooperates closely with St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON), one of the largest universities in Russia and a leading one in economic education. The university was founded in 2012 as a result of merging the 3 leading universities in St. Petersburg: University of Economics and Finance (FINEC), University of Economics and Engineering (ENGECON) and University of Service and Economics (SUSE). The new university preserved its scientific and educational potential, scientific schools, innovative training courses, advanced teaching technologies, and improved Soviet and Russian education traditions.

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Earlier, within the framework of the cooperation agreement, only professors and lecturers of PSU could undertake an internship at St. Petersburg State University of Economics. But in the beginning of 2018, our students were given this opportunity as well. Already in November and December of 2018, Elizaveta Mitrakhovich, a 2nd-year student specializing in Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit, participated in the internship provided by the Department of Business Accounting and Analysis at St. Petersburg State University of Economics.

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Elizaveta shares her experience: “Thanks to Polotsk State University I was lucky to get an internship. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain experience, get acquainted with new people, plunge into study, visit interesting places and have a good time. I heard about the internship from Elena Maley, Head of the Department. I was very interested, because I didn’t have to pay for it, the university offered accommodation, and it was not difficult to prepare the documents. The main thing was my academic performance.

On arrival to the university, I headed to the Department of Business Accounting and Analysis. Together with Elena Abdalova, PhD in Economics and Associate Professor, we chose the subjects that were similar to those studied at PSU and most attractive for me. My groupmates were very friendly and helped me to blend into the team and plunge into study. They told me about the university and the city, recommended the events to visit and asked questions about PSU.

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The internship was rich in terms of classes, scientific meetings, excursions and tours, and festive events. For the time spent at St. Petersburg State University of Economics, I was happy to attend a great number of events. ‘Career Week’, an excursion to the Siemens factory, ‘Job Fair’ held by ‘Gazprom’ subsidiaries and sister organizations are just a few of them. Besides, I visited the House of Scientists, where I listened to the presentation ‘University Education in Russia: Problems and Prospects’, and Lev Lurie’s Culture & History Club, where I  attended a panel discussion ‘Event Tourism as a Driving Force for Destinations Development’. In addition to university events, I visited the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Peter and Paul Fortress on my own.

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It wasn’t difficult to manage both the study at PSU and the internship at UNECON, because the schedule had been agreed before my departure and because we have Google Classroom for each subject at our university. All the lecturers uploaded lectures, additional materials, practical exercises and laboratory works. I could ask questions and consult with the lecturers. Thus, I managed to keep up with the rest of my group, plunge into study on my returning to PSU, and take the examinations.

I would like to thank Polotsk State University for this chance to take an internship at one of the largest universities in Russia and a leading one in economic education there. Besides, I would like to express my special gratitude to Elena Maley, Head of the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management, and Elena Abdalova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of Business Accounting and Analysis at UNECON.”

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Dear students, take your chance and use every possibility offered by Polotsk State University.

Olga Mikhalevich, Anna Nanos