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Health is always a relevant topic at Polotsk State University. In 2019, special attention is paid to the health care comprehensive coverage to help people to see the full picture of what kind of support and services should be provided, and where to receive them. Thus, to celebrate World Health Day, PSU specialists at the Department of Educational Work organize various events on April 7 every year.

A large number of students, who participated in morning exercises near the new campus, had much fun. A 4th-year student of the Faculty of Humanities Anastasia Khrol conducted the event organized by the Student Centre. The students did the exercises to thematic music altogether and, inspired by positive emotions, moved to the lobby in the new campus to walk the “Pathway to Health”.

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Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Thus, the “Pathway to Health” included 3 sectors: physical, mental and social one where the students were offered to complete some tasks. They were to answer the following questions: “What is mental health?”, “How can we improve the ability to handle stress?”, “How to preserve emotional comfort?”

Besides, the students were offered to answer the question “How can we improve our mental health?” Here you can see the most popular answers: “read more”, “chill out”, “do sports”, “healthy sleep”, “smile more”, “camping”, “hug your cat”, “drink more water” and etc. After that, the students were asked to write “the basis for mental health”. Here are their opinions: “happiness”, “sport”, “love”, “communication”, “self-confidence”, “hobby”, “hugs”, “family support” and etc.

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The next stage was the game “Show an Emotion” where the students picked a card with the emotion to show. As a reward, they received delicious treats.

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Later, the students played the game “Words and Emotions”. To play this game, the participants should think of associations to some word. For example, the words “sport”, “healthy lifestyle”, “running”, “swimming pool”, “vitamins”, “basketball”, “gym”, “food”, “fruit”, “beauty” were associated with the word “health”.

On completing the tasks, the students were offered to test themselves in the physical health sector.

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There was a “Healthy Zone” where the staff of Novopolotsk polyclinic №1, represented by a physician Pavel Proskuryakov and a nurse at the healthy lifestyle promoting office Anna Ukrozhenko conducted consultations.

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Anyone could take their blood pressure and find out their body mass indexes; get a brochure with the information about how to keep fit and where to get vitamin C.

Further, the students were to participate in “A Series of Motor Activities” where one could find sports equipment for all tastes thanks to the Sports Club of PSU. The participants were especially interested in playing tug-of-war.

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The quest participants were offered to complete some tasks in the social sector as well. The first one was already at the entrance to the sector: a costumed “Hug Me!” character.

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Then, the students completed the task “Unusual Greeting”­ where they were to greet and compliment a person in any language.

On completing the task, the participants helped themselves to a healthy drink and delicious treats provided by PSU Trade Union Committee.

Besides, world-class fitness trainer and certified nutritional consultant Victoria Nezgodinskaya held a fitness break “Healthylifestyle” in Polotsk College!

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Every participant received recommendations on leading a healthy lifestyle. After that, the students took part in the game “Make Friends with Sport!”

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Everyone got healthy treats from PSU Trade Union Committee.

An event “Morning Exercises are a Way to Good Health” dedicated to the World Health Day was held in Mezhdurechye for the students of the Faculty of Law and the students at the Department of Physical Training and Sports of the Faculty of Humanities as well.

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The holiday started with the morning exercises prepared by the trainers of the Department of Physical Training and Sports. All the students repeated the dancing movements after E. Dodonova and thus charged themselves with energy and positive emotions.

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Students of the Faculty of Law Vadim Kalechits and Dmitry Sazanovich, the hosts of the event, held a quiz “Health and Sport”. The participants received crisp bread “Fitness” for healthy eating as prizes, provided by PSU Trade Union Committee.

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The participants gave some advice on how to maintain good health and succeed academically. Then, the holiday moved to the student dormitories, where the students had various competitions, tournaments and quizzes.

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