Полоцкий государственный университет


In 2019, PSU has renewed the tradition of holding Francophonie Days. The students of the Preparatory Department and schoolchildren from Novopolotsk gymnasium №1 participated in the events organized by the Faculty of Humanities on March 27-28.

dni frankofonii 1

The students were offered to participate in the quest “Bouillon de Culture” (“Culture Broth”) in French.  The teams were to pass eight stages with interesting tasks. The participants learnt about the changeability of French words, Gabriel Gruber’s achievements and Polotsk College history. Besides, they completed the task near the student’s statue, passed an exam of their dream, found the connection between French literature and the globe in the library and even disclosed the intrigues of supernatural powers.

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The quest allowed the students to practice their French and learn more about Polotsk College.

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You can find more photos on Instagram: #psufrancophonie.

The next day, the jury represented by the lecturers at the Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages announced the results.

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The “Yellow” team was the first to finish the quest.  Of course, they were awarded prizes for their effort. Other participants were good as well. For example, the “Pink” team received the greatest number of likes on Instagram.

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The Francophonie Day continued with the concert “Soirée française” (“French Evening”).  The schoolchildren presented a mini-play “Visite médicale” (“A Visit to a Doctor”) and Daria Khvostova and Alexandra Manko presented the song “Chante” (“Sing”).

dni frankofonii 10

The international students liven up the concert by their dance and music performances.

dni frankofonii 11

Yevgeny Demeshko, the frontman of the Freelite band, finished the concert.

Within the framework of the event, PSU Tourist and Excursion Centre organized a tour and a master-class in souvenir magnets making. Besides, the guests took part in a tour and photo session, where they tried historical costumes on and learnt about the history of Polotsk land in XII - XIV centuries.

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Francophonie Days at PSU showed that French is an international language that unites young people and becomes popular in Belarus again. The schoolchildren and international students didn’t want to leave even when Denis Kondakov, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, announced that the event was over. The participants organized an improvised disco, had fun and exchanged contacts.

Study French, the language of fashion, poets, romance and love!

Sergey Gochakov, Dmitry Labovkin, Anna Nanos
Photos: Polina Kosarevskaya, PSU Tourist Centre