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Speaking with a native speaker is the most valuable thing for everyone who studies a foreign language. Therefore, specialists of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study always try to invite people from English speaking countries to hold at least one lesson in a foreign language.

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Khamidreza Nikukar, a teacher of criminology from Iran, was invited to PSU to hold classes for the students of the Centre. The topic of the lesson was ‘How do People Celebrate New Year in Iran?’ In fact, this holiday has been recently held in Iran on the day of the vernal equinox (March).

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During the lesson, students discussed Iranian traditions, compared them with the folk rituals adopted in our country, and even talked about such a specific topic as criminology. Khamidreza Nikukar was skilled enough to keep it simple for the students.

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It should be noted that it is not the first experience of cooperation between our international guest and the Centre. Khamidreza Nikukar visited the Club meetings twice and even got a prize during the previous Games Club Meeting.

The Centre for Foreign Languages Study expresses its sincere thanks to Khamidreza Nikukar and the students for fruitful work and live communication.

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