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A lot of people who start learning English, aim at communicating freely while travelling. English Speaking Club moderators couldn’t but pay attention to the students’ request and, as a result, organized a club meeting devoted to the topic.

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Alana Felton, a Fulbright scholarship holder, was a special guest on April 5, 2019. Although Alana teaches at Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov, she finds time to visit our university. Alana says that she likes the atmosphere at PSU and well-organized rhythm of work of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study.

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Alana prepared a presentation describing common ways of travelling in USA and brought it to the Speaking Club. The most valuable thing was that the American lecturer shared her own experience and the experience of her family. As her stories were filled with emotions, the bare facts didn’t bore the guests.

Then, the moderators offered the tasks to continue talking about travelling, solidify the acquired knowledge and show the students’ creativity and resourcefulness. The tasks were not merely training exercises. Some of them evoked feelings others set one thinking, which is the best way to remember new information concerning foreign languages.

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The topic of travelling turned out to be so broad that it was divided into two parts. And the second one will be in May at the next English Speaking Club meeting.

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Stay with us, be informed, register for the clubs in time and watch for updates:

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Let’s discover the world diversity together!

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