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Have you already changed your clothes? This was that very question to start another “GURU” club meeting at Polotsk State University. During the meeting, the international students have learnt new active vocabulary in a relaxed atmosphere that was created by Ksyusha Vasyukevich and Tavus Annamova playing out a cheerful sketch.

The moderators, Natalia Apanasovich and Anastasia Korotkikh, had prepared various tasks for the students. So that the students could understand the topic better, moderators talked with them about different types of clothes.

prishla vesna 1

prishla vesna 2

Besides, some Belarusian students of the voluntary movement “My Belarusian Guide” visited the “GURU” club meeting to interview the international students about their favourite and least favourite clothes.

prishla vesna 13

To learn more about the modern student’s clothes, the guests tried themselves as models and demonstrated clothes, shoes and accessories.

prishla vesna 4

prishla vesna 6

prishla vesna 7

prishla vesna 8

The students made riddles, tried themselves as designers and dressed each other without looking. They could wear some clothes in an inappropriate way, but it made the images funnier.

prishla vesna 9

Then the club participants were divided into several Fashion-teams to create clothes collection for different occasions, and one of those teams had to find the main fashion trends in the coming season. After that, while having a cup of tea in a warm atmosphere, our guests could share their impression of the evening.

prishla vesna 10

At the end of the “GURU” club meeting, the participants presented their collections in the form of collages. One can see them in Polotsk College for a while.

prishla vesna 11

prishla vesna 12

prishla vesna 14

Do you want to speak about clothes? Then, the Russian Speaking Club “GURU” is the right place for you! It has already become warm, so see you next time in the open air!

Let’s expand the world boundaries together!

Department of Slavonic Philology