Полоцкий государственный университет


Every year, the Department of Construction Industry of Polotsk State University prepares specialists that are in demand both in Belarus and abroad. Affiliates “Construction and Installation Trust №16, Novopolotsk” and “Trust №16, Novopolotsk” of prefabricated large-panel housing plant were created to form the students’ competences, the employers are interested in.

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These two organizations provided out-of-class learning for the listeners of the Preparatory Department at PSU. Prospective students from Congo, Turkmenistan and Lebanon saw the technological equipment of reinforcement and molding shops of prefabricated large-panel housing plant. The lead engineer informed the students about the work of the process lines for manufacturing exterior and interior wall panels, intermediate slabs, stair flights and ventilating bricks.

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Then, the students went to the building area in Novopolotsk, where they learnt about the 10 storey large-panel residential houses building technology. Later, the lead engineer of “Trust №16, Novopolotsk” described the space-planning decisions for residential houses, types of work in progress and construction machinery in use.

Alexandra Katulskaya