Полоцкий государственный университет


Polotsk State University is proud of its glorious history and cherishes it in the memory. It is not just a sign of respect to numerous generations of teachers and students of the past. It is an encouraging example for all those who the future of the first higher education institution in Belarus depends on. It is symbolic that the celebration of the 438th PSU anniversary started with the opening of a renewed museum exposition of Polotsk Museum of Science and EducationPSU – educational, scientific, cultural centre of the region” dedicated to the contemporary history of our university.

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Dmitry Lazovsky, PhD in Engineering, Rector of PSU opened the event.  The university leader warmly congratulated all people present on the University Day. Dmitry Lazovsky stressed the importance of respecting our past and noted that the exposition was meant to change and develop together with PSU. The Rector expressed his appreciation for the hard-working exposition creators and awarded them certificates.

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Yury Golubev, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, supervised the project implementation. In addition, Yury Golubev thanked the students that participated in the project. Those of them who had greatly contributed to the project, were awarded souvenirs provided by PSU Trade Union Committee.

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Later, Yury Golubev invited everyone to the exposition hall. For a year, by the efforts of the staff of the Department of Design and Brand Management and the Department of Social and Information Technologies and Services, the new visual and thematic concept of the museum exposition has been developed.  Moreover, the renewed exposition was created using both traditional and modern technologies.

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In addition to 2 expositions opened in 2018, the new ones have been opened this year. Nowadays, the visitors are able to observe the university history as a large regional science, culture and sports centre in more detail. They can also see its establishment as an international university.

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As it was rightly pointed out in the welcoming speech, it was not the final version of the exposition. Its further development depends on us, dear students, lecturers and university staff. So, let’s make new history together!

Vladimir Filipenko
Photos: Polina Kosarevskaya