Полоцкий государственный университет


On May 22-24, 2019 Polotsk State University celebrated its birthday. A week of celebrations comprised a range of entertaining events that are held annually at the university and have already become traditional. The most ancient university in Belarus gathered guests from near and far abroad countries as well as reliable friends from various corners of our country.

The 1st day of PSU birthday celebration started with the opening of renewed expositions of Polotsk Museum of Science and Education “PSU – educational, scientific, cultural centre of the region” dedicated to the contemporary history of our university.

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That day was followed by the awarding ceremony for winners of the freshmen’s essays contest “About yourself, university studies and future career”. Every year more and more students participate in this contest and keep the members of the university commission happy by showing creativity and their modern views on the future.

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A large number of academic and non-academic staff are working together for the benefit of Polotsk State University. The university administration awards best of the best with the University Certificates of Merit.

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Special badges “For Services to Polotsk State University” and PSU badges, university certificates and Certificates of Honour issued by ministries and departments were awarded during the University Board solemn meeting.

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11th solemn ceremony of the special award “Krynitsa Vedau” followed by the concert in the PSU assembly hall was a truly long-awaited und unforgettable event in the University calendar. The names of the most active, creative and outstanding people of Polotsk State University were announced in front of the audience in the PSU assembly hall.

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During the celebration days, each faculty organized various events. Graduates and veterans of our alma-mater were warmly welcomed at PSU as well.

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This was followed by “Vivat, University!” celebration programme that took place in front of the PSU main campus. The ceremony included car rally and cycling. This year a huge number of academic and non-academic staff took an active part in cycling, which turned out to be the most numerous one. Afterwards, the results of athletics competitions and of other sporting events were summed up and announced. The team of the Faculty of Information Technologies and the representatives of the Faculty of Humanities were the leaders of the sporting events. The busy and emotional day finished with the student party “Happy Birthday, University!”

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As part of the university celebration, the most memorable events were the Opening of the Colorful Umbrellas Festival “Parason-Fest” and a musical evening “Intermezzo” that were held in the courtyard of Polotsk College.

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The IV tourism junior researchers’ festival became the final event held at the PSU sports health complex (Lake Chyornoe).

Happy Birthday, Dear University! Prosperity, new achievements, broad new horizons and more gifted students!

Daria Alekseyeva
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya, Vladimir Krivoborodenko, Vladimir Supranyonok