Полоцкий государственный университет


Tourist and excursion centre of Polotsk State University are organizing tourist and educational tours and excursions for the students to get acquainted with their future profession. On May 17 2019, the students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics and Preparatory Department went on such excursion. They had excursions to “Belarusbank” and “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange”.

A visit to Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange

The first place to visit was “Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange”, where the excursion was held in French. The visitors learnt about the work there, new tendencies of the securities market, software products, and the possibilities for legal entities and private individuals. During the meeting with the exchange representatives, the students asked questions about the future job, employment and internship.

A visit to Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange

The tour around “Belarusbank” consisted of several steps. The employees showed the bank museum and then held a lesson on the use of bank products and gave some advice.

At the museum of Belarusbank

At the museum, the students saw the first bank cards and money of our country and asked questions.

A visit to Belarusbank

The excursion to “Belarusbank” is an opportunity for our students to learn more about the activity and services of the largest bank in Belarus and get an insight into the profession. Future financiers had numerous questions and the specialists gave them thorough answers.

The educative tour pleased all the participants.

Yulia Amonova (2nd-year student): “The tour was very entertaining and informative. It was interesting to learn about the history of ‘Belarusbank’ and the work of ‘Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange’”.

Margarita Boreyko (2nd-year student): “The excursion to Minsk was of much use for us. If it wasn’t for the excursion, I probably would have never visited the headquarters of ‘Belarusbank’. It was very exciting to visit ‘Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange’ and watch the bidding process online. I’d like to thank Polotsk State University for such an informative trip!”

The excursion to Belarusbank

Yana Potoyalo and Olga Mikhalevich, assistants at the Department of Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management