Полоцкий государственный университет


Another GURU club meeting was held on May 24 in the disco hall of the new PSU campus. It was an entertaining meeting for the students from different countries to get closer to each other and charge them with positive energy.

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The participants were divided into 5 teams to cope with the challenging tasks in smarts, wits, general knowledge and the facts they know about Belarus. The “KAHOOT!” competition caused a lot of positive emotions and feelings. The students answered questions about Belarusian national cuisine, traditions, regions and history as well as about the countries our students come from.

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All the guests sang songs in Russian in “Karaoke” competition with great enthusiasm. In addition, the competition “Guess the National Dance” was one more nice entertainment.

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The volunteers of the Faculty of Humanities took part in the event. They participated in competitions, talked to the international students telling them about our city and university. The tea party at the end of the meeting created a warm and homely atmosphere, which united the students, curators and lecturers.    

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Svetlana Yadrishchenskaya and Elena Semchenko, lecturers at the Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages, were the event organizers. The lecturers of the Department of Slavonic Philology and Preparatory Department joined them in organizing the event.

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Erve Lubangi (the Democratic Republic of the Congo): “Everything was very interesting! I enjoyed the “KAHOOT!” Competition most of all. The questions were surprising and fun.  I also liked the competition ‘Guess the National Dance’. We had a lot of fun spending time together. It was very pleasant to dance altogether holding hands. It helped us to feel like a part of a numerous and united student family of Polotsk State University”.

Yannik Kabela (the Democratic Republic of the Congo): “The most entertaining and amusing competition was ‘KAHOOT!’. I had much fun! We want to have such a competition again, we all really enjoyed it. One more exciting competition was ‘Guess Who’s This’. We were to ask questions to figure out who was in the picture. I remembered all the questions I’d been asked. This helped me in mastering Russian. We are looking forward to the next GURU Club meeting”.

Svetlana Yadrishchenskaya and Elena Semchenko, Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages