Полоцкий государственный университет


Polotsk State University is the oldest higher educational institution in Belarus having its centuries-old traditions and rich history that dates back to 1581. In 2021 the university will celebrate its 440th anniversary since the foundation of the Jesuit College in Polotsk.

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Since XVI c. at Polotsk Jesuit College (and then since 1812, at Polotsk Jesuit Academy) the beginning of the academic year was accompanied with the festive events.

Rich educational traditions continue to be worthy at Polotsk State University as well. 200 years later, since the last solemn Jesuit ceremony, students can become a part of a special event again. University Rector Dmitry Lazovsky, Doctor of Engineering, Professor and Dean of the Humanities Faculty Denis Kondakov, PhD in Philology, welcomed the students near the Rector’s entrance.

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Dmitry Lazovsky in his welcoming speech said: “Today you will mark the beginning of your study at PSU by writing down your names in the book “Polotsk State University”. Your names will remain in history forever. It is very symbolic that the students of the Faculty of Humanities are the first to put their names in the book. Because becoming a good historian, a good researcher and a good teacher of history is possible only on Polotsk land. Here every square inch of the land is imbued with history. There are a large number of artifacts that are worth to be discovered. Today, for the first time, the doors of the Rector’s entrance will be opened for you. I wish each of you to be successful in your studies, to master your history study skills and bring light of knowledge to the others. Congratulations, dear students!

Denis Kondakov emphasized the historical importance of Polotsk State University and told the freshmen: To make it possible not only to be considered the oldest university but also to become the best one, we need you - ambitious, smart, intellectual, intelligent and responsive young people. We can develop further only with you. Only together we will be able to become a united family. I congratulate you on the beginning of this difficult but very interesting way. A happy journey!”

Having passed through the Rector’s entrance following the Rector and Dean of the IT Faculty, freshmen crossed the threshold of Polotsk College. When being graduates, they will pass through it again and leave their Alma mater as young professionals.

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Then the students were invited to the room with a copy of the Gabriel Gruber’s "Mechanical Head" where they put their signature in the book “Polotsk State University”, received a registration certificate and listened to the memorial speech of the “Mechanical Head” or, as we often call it, “Wise Old Man”.

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This solemn day ended with the first-year students' acquaintance with Polotsk College and its history.  .

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Some freshmen shared their impressions:

Ksenia Skovyrko (Faculty of Humanities): “I have been a student of PSU for 2 weeks. Many interesting things have happened to me during this time. We visited Polotsk College and got acquainted with PSU sights. The university architecture and its history delight me the most. It’s very nice to study at this historical place with a unique culture.

I was impressed with the first-year students’ registration ceremony. I was pleasantly surprised by the inner yard with the well, pictures, the university clock, and the “Mechanical Head”. I mean, I feel excited just from being there.

After two weeks of study here and meeting lecturers I realized I had chosen the right university”.

Maria Khiryanova (Faculty of IT): “I’m from Braslav. When it was high time to choose the university to enter, I definitely chose PSU. I heard a lot about the university, and when I came here for an excursion, I realized PSU was the right university for me. The ceremony was unforgettable. “Mechanical head” took my breath away. This was fantastic. I will never forget those feelings”.

Vladislava Vasilets (Faculty of IT): “I’m from Glubokoye. I’ve chosen PSU because this is one of the best universities in Belarus. It prepares highly qualified specialists”. 

Olga Kulik (Faculty of IT): “I came from Vitebsk. Before entering PSU, I liked Polotsk and the university here. Even then, I realized that I wanted to connect my life with this educational institution and its social life. My dream has come true! I am very impressed with PSU traditions. I really enjoyed the solemn ceremony of registration of first-year students. I hope it only gets better”.

This year’s innovation is that not only undergraduates but also graduates and postgraduates can take part in a solemn ceremony of registration and put their signature in the book “Polotsk State University”.

We congratulate the first-year students and wish them fruitful academic and non-academic work at Polotsk State University!

Tatiana Osipova
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya