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Studying abroad is not only an interesting experience with lots of new perspectives but also a new life in a different setting far from relatives and friends. It’s possible to say that every person in such circumstances would like to have somebody to share their worries. And the best candidate for such somebody is another foreign student. All you need now is to find a friend and a party is the best opportunity.

On November 21, 2019, PSU organized a Welcome Party for international students, which is expected to become a good tradition. That day lots of first-year students from dozens of countries gathered together in one place to get acquainted with each other, to share their impressions and to find new friends. The participants enjoyed not only the company but also an entertainment programme with competitions and surprises.

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At the beginning of the evening, the First Vice-Rector of PSU Svetlana Vegera and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Nadezhda Boreyko addressed the students with a welcoming word and wished them good luck.

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Later on, after getting acquainted with each other the guests of the event revealed the multiplicity of nationalities studying at our university.  The students participated in a quiz game “Guess the Country”, which helped to show their knowledge of different countries in the world and to demonstrate the beauty, national features and rich culture of the students’ countries. The winning teams were prized with nice surprises.

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International graduate students shared their experiences with newcomers. Their path was the same. They also came to study in a completely different country. They spoke about their struggles of getting used to the new setting, about joining the student community and also about participating in the university cultural life and achieving success in their studies.

Akmammet Shagulyev, Chzhan Sukhan and Anastasiya Katushyonok created a special atmosphere during the party. They performed with the songs in Turkmen, Chinese and French.

The international evening culminated with a Selfie Contest. To take part in the contest students had to take a selfie with the representatives of three different countries and to post it on any of the social media.

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All the students were very enthusiastic about completing the task. That was the moment of real intercultural unity when every person could feel a part of a bigger international family. All the participants were awarded cards with the picture of PSU on them. They can send them to their relatives and friends to show the university that became their home. At the end of the evening, the disco dance started.

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The academic year will be over very soon and new international students will come to PSU again. And the Welcome Party is a great opportunity to meet them

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International Office Specialist Viktoriya Chernyavskaya
Photo: Polina Kosarevskaya