Полоцкий государственный университет


Since 2016 the Department of Economics at PSU and the Faculty of Economics and Management at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Rezekne, Latvia) have carried out a Master’s double degree programme “Regional Planning and Development” in the English language.

In January 2020, the following master’s students defended their theses: Elena Kolesova (academic supervisor – Petr Rezkin, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor), Elena Kisilyova (academic supervisor – E. Lisichyonok, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor) and Vitaly Panasyuk (academic supervisors – N. Belorusova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, and L. Masko, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor).

The master’s examination commission on behalf of the Academy was represented by Iveta Mietule, Doctor of Economics, Rector of Rezekne Academy of Technologies; Iluta Arbidane, Doctor of Economics, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Daina Znotina.

magisterskoj programme dvojnogo diploma regionalnoe planirovanie i razvitie 5 let 2

The commission noted the high level of master’s theses. The discussion raised such issues of social and economic development of organisations and regions of the Republic of Belarus as higher educational institution’s brand management, socially important project management and organization profit management aimed at strengthening the financial potential of the region.

Congratulations to the master’s students on a successful theses defense!

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On February 14, there was held a graduation ceremony at Rezekne Academy of Technologies.

It should be noted that the graduates obtain the academic degrees of MBA and MA in Social Sciences and receive a state-recognized higher education diploma of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Latvia.

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Elena Kolesova says: “The well-known proverb “You live and learn” is relevant as ever. With a 21st century interpretation we mostly hear LifelongLearning that means the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.

This is probably about our group of graduate students studying under the master's programme “Regional Planning and Development”, where training of management specialists is fully conducted in English jointly with the Rezekne Academy of Technology (Latvia).

Personally, I am very grateful to the Head of the Department of Economics Inga Zenkova and Associate Professor and my supervisor Petr Rezkin, who told me about the opportunity to take this master programme of double diploma and then supervised this process. That was great not only to see “western learning style” with my own eyes, but also to live through it, learn a lot of new and interesting things, feel the support and good attitude of the Latvian colleagues Helena Lanskaya, Lienite Litavniece, Erika Zubule, Erika Teirumnieks.

I’d also like to express my gratitude for the appreciation of our work to Rector of the Rezekne Academy of Technologies Iveta Mietule, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Iluta Arbidane, and a programme coordinator on the part of the university partner Daine Znotina for high assessment of results obtained during the master’s thesis preparation.

Come and learn, it’s never too late, and knowledge is a good investment in yourself, your career and enterprise”.

Elena Kiselyova says: “I’m sure there’s no profitable investment than investing in yourself, self-development and education itself. This master’s programme is agile and versatile. The programme combining both theory and practice is conducted in English. Studying in Latvia (Rezekne Academy of Technology) was absolutely new and unusual for me as well. During the studies I witnessed how rich experience the teachers have. They are professionals, interested in their job and very interesting people. I wish all teachers and lecturers to be healthy, hard-working and respected by students!”

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The graduates are representatives of various countries and types of activity.

The following graduates took part in the dual Master’s programme:


  • Sintia Batare, International Project Manager at the Planning Department (Rezekne, Latvia)
  • Janana Lazim Gasymova, (Azerbaijan)
  • Vitaly Gubin, Head of the Operation Department at Kurdistan Pipeline Company
  • Daiga Mishchenko, Project Manager of the Business Information Department of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia


  • Julia Bimbat
  • Konstantin Zakharin, Mid-ranking Manager at International Energy Company
  • Ligita Karvele, External Affairs Manager
  • Alexanders Larionovs (Latvia)
  • Nursoltan Myradova (Turkmenistan)


  • Elena Kiselyova, Mid-ranking Manager at Transport Company
  • Elena Kolesova, Head of the Pre-University Training Department at PSU
  • Vitaly Panasyuk, Head of Novopolotsk Branch “Institut Vitebskgrazhdanproekt”

Our graduates handed over the baton to 1st-year master’s students who in early March of 2020 were studying at Rezekne Academy of Technology. It should be noted that Egor Zhiluk, Nikita Lebedev and Renata Sarvari presented their TOEFL and IELTS certificates approving their high level of proficiency in English.

Join us and study on the dual Master’s programme “Regional Planning and Development”!

Inga Zenkova
E. Lisichyonok