Полоцкий государственный университет


On the initiative of the university Rector Dmitry Lazovsky, it was decided to install a musical clock with academic procession in the inner yard of Polotsk College. The event was dedicated to the birthday of Polotsk State University on May 17, 2011.

The University Clock is a symbolic composition. The main attraction is the procession of prominent historical figures of Polotsk land, which occurs every hour while performing “Gaudeamus”, a popular academic song in many European countries.

Opening of the University Clock in Polotsk

It is not surprising that the solemn opening ceremony was styled to look like Belarusian antiquity. The prominent figures of Polotsk land appeared on the scene. They, one-by-one, glorified our land and handed each other a book as a symbol of knowledge. At the very end, the book was in the hands of a student of Polotsk State University, who would have to carry this proud title with honour and dignity.

Outstanding historical figures of Polotsk land

The solemn ceremony ended with the striking of a clock heralding a key historical event.

The Solemn Opening Ceremony

The University Clock