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The Faculty of Law of Polotsk State University has already been training specialists for more than 25 years. Each and every year the study programme “Jurisprudence” doesn’t lose its popularity among applicants.

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Firstly, legal literacy and knowledge of laws will always come in handy. Even in cases when lawyers decide to change their work and sphere of activity, knowledge of the law and their rights in various situations helps such well-informed people to avoid problems.

Secondly, you can work both in offices and outside. Your work can involve both documentation and communication. Therefore, legal profession will appeal to those who have logical thinking, love solving intellectual problems, to those who are diligent and able to concentrate, and to those who love communication.

Thirdly, a lawyer is a noble work concerning the fight against injustice and the human rights protection. Therefore, legal education is suitable for those who like helping other people and are ready to make it a part of their profession.

Besides, lawyers are always in demand and their job is well-paid.

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Jurisprudence includes a large number of areas of law. Having received background knowledge, each 3rd-year student chooses what one wants to specialize in government affairs management, business legal support, judicial and prosecutorial and investigative activity.

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Overall, law students have about 5 months of practical training, so during which they can try themselves in different areas of jurisprudence and decide where they want to work after graduation.

Law graduates cover different areas such as government bodies, public prosecutor's offices, investigative committees, police and other law enforcement agencies; inspection offices, courts and registry offices, notaries, realtor and lawyer offices, tax offices and real estate agencies, banks, large and small, state and non-state enterprises. Lawyers will always be in demand in various fields and will always be employed.

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Law students not only attend classes, but also participate in olympiads, competitions, conferences, which let them approve themselves, get nice bonuses and even job offers. Besides, the Faculty of Law cooperates with a large number of universities abroad, so each law student has the opportunity to participate in academic mobility and go to universities of Germany, Poland, Lithuania and others. All this allows students not only to gain new knowledge, but also to travel, get acquainted with new cultures and people, improve their foreign language skills, and practise more.

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Kristina Shcherbak, a 4th-year student at the Faculty of Law, a scholarship holder of Belarus president’s special fund, believes that legal education will not lose its relevance: “Over 4 years of study at the Faculty of Law at PSU, I have gained a huge amount of practical and theoretical knowledge that will allow me to compete in the labor market. Besides, I have improved my English skills and participated in international conferences”

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In 2020, Kristina graduates from university with honours: “Studying at the Faculty of Law at PSU has a number of additional advantages:

  • Polotsk State University is a university with a rich history, modern campuses and perfect material and technical facilities. Future lawyers study in the university building in Mezhdurechye. The university building comprises lecture halls and conference halls, a modern computer class and a courtroom, a forensic lab and arbitration rooms, as well as students` legal support service and excellent sports facilities (halls for billiards, large and table tennis, gym and martial arts);

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  • the opportunity to write research papers for the republican contest, to participate in international conferences, academic exchange programs, and internships in European countries;
  • the opportunity to improve your language skills, and the Center for Foreign Languages Study is always ready to help you;
  • practice-oriented approach; the Faculty of Law always holds conferences and hosts lawyers and specialists from various government bodies”.

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PSU Law Faculty family is always glad to welcome guests and new members!

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Maria Savchenko
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