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Today, the specialty "Social Communication" of the Faculty of Finance and Economics is one of the most popular specialties among applicants and employers. It was opened in 2014. And it is one of the youngest specialties of Polotsk State University. For this reason, not everyone knows what jobs the graduates will have, and what the students are actually studying. It's high time to figure it out!

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The 1st Myth

“Do they run telecommunication wires?” or “Will they become social workers?”

If you didn’t know that the graduates wouldn’t become social workers, then this article is worth reading. The graduates of the Department of Social Communications are given the qualification of a “Social Communication Specialist”. One of the advantages is the fact that the specialist can choose his/her future work from a large list of activity areas:

  • Marketing (working for marketing departments at organizations or agencies that deal with marketing strategies creation to get people interested, attracted and sell a product or service);
  • Advertising (creation of a text, audio and video advertising of various products and services);
  • PR and public relations (creation of PR strategies, promotion of organizations, products, services and ideas, working on image and reputation);
  • Journalism (reporting, conducting interviews, writing texts and copywriting; print journalism, journalism on radio, on TV, on the Internet);
  • HR-direction (working with personnel, internal communication within an organization, creating a favorable climate and environment for the efficient work of the team);
  • Sociological research, statistics;
  • Event sphere, event organization.

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The 2nd Myth

“So can the graduates find a job?”

Do you think that it is difficult for all graduates (including those who paid for their studies and those, who didn’t) to find a job after graduation? We’ll bust this myth!

As it has been already written above, the graduates can choose from a vast variety of directions. The 21st century is the time of a competition between numerous products and services, so good marketers and PR specialists are worth their weight in gold. That’s why, any organization is interested in such specialists’ services, and companies create departments for marketing, advertising, recruitment and internal communication.

PSU “Social Communication” graduates find jobs and work in creative digital agencies, they work as marketers in large organizations, as journalists in print and online publications (gorod214.by, TUT.by), on television (Belarus 1), in IT companies (Andersen, a1qa) and etc.

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The 3rd Myth

“I’ll choose social communication ‘cause you don’t need math there”

Whether you need it or not, depends on the direction you choose. Maybe an HR-manager or a journalist needs it to a lesser extent. But math will do a favour to marketers and those who want to do sociological research. That’s why all freshmen at this specialty take a course in higher mathematics. Basic calculation skills will also be of use in such disciplines as computer data analysis, applied and socio-economic statistics. More disciplines.

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The 4th Myth

“You don’t need English when applying, so it will be of no use for me”

To be competitive in the labour market at the present time, everybody needs a foreign language. Students of the specialty study professional vocabulary in a foreign language for several semesters. A student with knowledge of a foreign language has more opportunities to go to another country for an internship or study under the academic exchange programs, and such a specialist has much more opportunities to find a good and a well-paid job.

That’s the reason why Polotsk State University pays much attention to teaching foreign languages to students. There’s even the Centre for Foreign Languages Study that allows to advance your knowledge of a foreign language during the 1st double class.

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The 5th Myth

“I’m not sociable, and communication is not about me. So ‘Social Communication’ is not for me”

A social communication specialist can choose either a direction that require being social and communicative or a direction that doesn’t presuppose interaction with people. A copywriter does not have to be open and sociable. A copywriter has to write fascinating texts! And a specialist in the field of statistical research has to be able to concentrate on the task and work with numbers.

The ability to get on well with people, openness, verbal skills, creativity, flexibility of thinking are most often the skills that are necessary for a specialist in this field. Nevertheless, when choosing a future specialty and profession, remember that you can develop any qualities and skills in yourself. Informative study programmes and competent lecturers at Polotsk State University will help you with this.

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The 6th Myth

“You can’t try all the specialization areas that you are interest in during the time of your studies”

Yes, you can! All the students have to undergo practical training after the 2nd, 3rd and during the 4th year of studying. Besides, PSU supports student initiatives. It is the students of “Social Communications” that often organize conferences, meet-ups, forums and meetings with experts. So, future communication specialists organized numerous educational events at the university: the forum “From b to B”, Level Up PSU conference, the PRE Party and the PR-Trip by soc_com-2018 forum, PRtrip 2019, which became an annual event. The students come up with the concept of the event from scratch, search for and invite experts, find sponsors, develop the design and calculate the budget. With the help of such events they develop their organizational skills, get acquainted with like-minded people and even find jobs.

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The 7th Myth

“There are few state-funded places. If I don’t pass, I’ll have to pay a lot for the education for 4 years”

It depends only on you! Polotsk State University has a discount system. It means that you can pay 20, 40 or even 60% less if you study well, carry out research and actively participate in the university’s social life.

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Result: 7/7 are busted!

Features of “Social Communication” specialty:

  1. There are only two HEIs where you can get the training and Polotsk State University is one of them.
  2. The students of the specialty are trained for a wide range of professions.
  3. All freshmen are given rooms in dormitories.
  4. There are both state-funded and study-for-fee forms of education.
  5. Excellent material and technical resources allow to grow not only in the chosen sphere but also in sport and creativity.
  6. There’s an opportunity to pay special attention to foreign languages study.

“Social Communication” creates a new version of yourself!

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