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Romance and Germanic Philology” specialty was introduced at Polotsk State University in 2008, – and every year applicants are becoming more and more interested in this study programme. This popularity is obvious!

Philologist, translator or interpreter, teacher or lecturer are all in one person!

As can be noted, future specialists study foreign languages in depth. The study programme includes at least three foreign languages depending on the specialization you’d like to choose:

  • The major language: English / German
  • The 2nd language: German / English / French
  • The 3rd language: Spanish / Swedish

There’s an opportunity to learn Chinese and Polish as well. The study programme includes such disciplines as World Literature (from antiquity to the present day) and Culture of Foreign Countries, Basic Principles of Intercultural Communication, Theory of Translation and Interpretation, Techniques of Machine-aided Translation and Interpretation Techniques. Your language proficiency level will be high enough to translate and interpret. Philology students reinforce the acquired knowledge during the translation practice.

Being a philology student allows one to get a qualification of a teacher as well. Students study Pedagogy, Psychology and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. Seniors undertake the teaching practice in school. As a result, you will be able to teach foreign languages in school, university or online, which will provide income security.

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методики обучения

What does a graduate do for a living?

It’s not difficult to find a job for a graduate of “Romance and Germanic Philology”. One can work as an interpreter / translator, teacher / lecturer, editor. Moreover, one can work in state bodies, companies and enterprises where a foreign language is an essential requirement.

Being a student of “Romance and Germanic Philology” means acquiring the following qualities, skills and competencies:

  • Language proficiency. Today knowing one foreign language is a common thing. Knowing more than one foreign language leaves you more attractive employee from the perspective of the employer. Foreign languages will be a good supplement even if you choose an activity other than teaching, translating or editing.
  • Logical thinking skills. Logic is a good point not only of non-linguistic students but also of linguistic ones because they use lots of language formulas and rules when communicating in a foreign language. It gives you an opportunity to work even in IT.
  • Literacy skills. Philology students are deeply immersed in languages and read a lot. High literacy is the forte of any philologist. In the last year of studies, you will be able to write texts of different styles and prepare public performances.
  • Versatile personality. Philology students study foreign languages and literature in close connection with other types of art – films, painting and music. This makes studying fascinating and turns students into resourceful people.

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“Romance and Germanic Philology” at PSU

“Romance and Germanic Philology” specialty at Polotsk State University ensures the quality of philological education.

  • Our teachers have a rich international experience and use up-to-date methods of teaching foreign languages. Each lesson is a unique one. Teachers actively use such pedagogical approaches as interactive learning and project-based learning.

Гугнин А.А.

  • You will also communicate with teachers from Germany and the USA.
  • PSU provides the latest students’ books and modern well-equipped classrooms.
  • Collaboration with foreign HEIs allows students to win grants to study in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Chine and other countries.
  • Students participate in international projects and contests.

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  • Academic studies are conducted in Polotsk College – a unique place full of rich history.

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If you are keen on reading, especially in foreign languages, then “Romance and Germanic Philology” specialty is for you!

How Do I Enter Polotsk State University?

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