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Healthy way of life in the 21st century is not a trend already but something more than that. People started devoting their free time to sport activities because they are now more aware of its importance. Such healthy habits as physical activity, healthy eating and healthy sleeping help a person to stay healthy, develop their will power, strength of character and self-control, clear their minds, enjoy their lives due to endorphin released during physical activities

Sport becomes a vital part of people’s life. The industry is rapidly developing, transforming and adapting to the people’s needs. In addition to sports centers and gyms that offer a huge number of different services, sports blogs, fitness marathons, home workouts via mobile applications are gaining popularity.

The growing demand for this kind of services provides a lot of opportunities for specialists in the sports education field. That is why graduates of the specialty "Physical Training" of the Faculty of Humanities at PSU can choose different areas of work and apply the knowledge gained during the studies.

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Many graduates become physical education teachers in various educational institutions. Among their responsibilities are the programs and plans development, as well as physical education classes organization for children of different ages, the ability to find methods to develop the child’s physical abilities so as to prevent injuries, and the ability to provide first aid. Among the graduates of the specialty, there are many wonderful teachers dedicated to their work.

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There is a strong belief that graduates of specialties related to physical education can only work as physical education teachers in schools. It's time to break this stereotype! They can find a job in other spheres. For example, in youth sports schools.

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For instance, Anna Genova, master of sports of the Republic of Belarus in water skiing, is a trainer not only by education, but also by birth.

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The Genovs are the founders and mentors of the Genov Water Ski School in Novopolotsk, the first and most famous water ski school in Belarus. For more than 50 years, they have trained more than 100 masters of sports, a great number of record holders, dozens of European and world champions. Today the school, created by Nikolai Genov in the middle of the previous century, is known far beyond the borders of Belarus. The 3rd generation of the family is engaged in the education of future champions.

Anna's parents, who are now coaches, met in the pool. Since her childhood, Anna has been watching her mom and dad with admiration and knew exactly who she wanted to become in the future: “I grew up in a sports family and saw the successes of my parents. I knew who I want to be when I was a little girl. In the 1st form I said: “I will be a coach!”

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In 2011 Anna entered the specialty “Physical Training” at PSU. And now she is teaching children to “walk on water”: “Thanks to the experience of my parents and the knowledge given to me by the university, I help children to achieve success in sports. It's important for me. Working with children is a hard work and great pleasure at the same time. It is pleasant to realize that the effort you make is bearing fruit. I feel responsible for the athletic future of the kids. The maximum result among my students is the first-class senior degree and I am very proud!”

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“Being a coach is an honor. My task is to create conditions for little champions to be able to open up, help him fulfil their potential. This work requires a lot of energy, patience, inspiration and strength; discipline and wisdom combined with humanity and kindness. Both professional and human qualities are important. A coach is a friend, a psychologist, an example to follow, an assistant and supporter” says Anna.

Among the graduates of the specialty, there are a lot of Olympic winners, members of national teams in various sports, and international-class masters of sports. These are such successful Belarusian athletes as Irina Krivko, an Olympic champion, international master of sports in biathlon, Kostitsyn brothers and Vladimir Denisov, famous Belarusian hockey players, Anna Batyushko, an Olympic silver medalist in weightlifting, Lyudmila Gubkina, a participant of 2 Olympic Games, Anatasia Leshkova, a world champion in sambo, Anna Streltsova, a water skier, world champion, and many others. Graduates of the specialty are grateful to the university and remember it fondly.

In turn, Polotsk State University does everything to encourage young talents to obtain new achievements. Along with the best student group, best student, talent of the year and other nominations, the best PSU athlete is also chosen at the annual “Krynitsa Vedau” award. In 2019, Anton Novichenko, master of sports in orienteering, was the winner in this nomination: “Of course, it is nice and honorable to be the best athlete of the year. But I'm not arrogant. Thanks to this award, I was able to attend the Presidential Graduation Ball-2019. It is the event to remember.”

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Anton does not regret his decision to enter PSU: “I don’t regret even a bit that I entered this specialty at PSU. The university has a good material base, which allows you to increase the level of your sportsmanship. It should be noted that the teaching staff is competent and this helps to develop not only physically. Anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics, theory of teaching methods – a store of knowledge that allows athletes to work in the future. It is important, because very often after a professional sports career, athletes become trainers. With this knowledge, graduates will be able to work in the field of sports. The university offers the opportunity to train and study at the same time using an individual class schedule. It is a nice bonus”.

PSU graduates can work in numerous sports fields. Gym, fitness, yoga, stretching are only a small part of the services that any modern sports clubs offer. Athletes often become personal trainers, instructors of sports sections in large organizations, employees of sports centers, fitness instructors and instructors in other areas. Besides, graduates of the specialty “Physical Training” at PSU can work in the tourism sphere. Retraining can allow you to go into the field of health-rehabilitation or therapeutic physical training, sports management, sports massage.

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So why won’t you go wrong if you choose “Physical Training” at PSU?

  1. There are excellent facilities. Students of the specialty "Physical Training" study in the newest building of PSU, in Mezhdurechye. The building is located in a picturesque place: near the lake, where, in addition to modern equipped auditoriums and recreational areas, there is a sports club, including billiards, tennis and table tennis, a gym and a martial arts hall, a football field.
  2. The possibility of training on an individual schedule. Training and sporting events don’t always allow athletes to fully balance their studies at the university with sports. The university authorities provide students with the opportunity to study on an individual schedule in cases when the student’s training sessions intersect with important competitions for athletes.
  3. The opportunity to receive discounts on education. You can enter the specialty and study at the expense of the republican budget and on a paid basis; all PSU students studying for a fee can receive a discount on tuition (from 20% to 60%) due to good academic performance and active participation in the scientific and public life of the university.
  4. Learning foreign languages. In the modern world, any university graduate must know foreign languages if he wants to be competitive on the labor market. Polotsk State University pays special attention to the study of foreign languages. There is the Centre for Foreign Languages Study at PSU. Every day, students of the university dedicate the first double class to English and other foreign languages.
  5. Students have the opportunity not only to obtain theoretical knowledge, but also to put them into practice. They can try themselves in a future profession already during their training, during internships at a school or camp.

The specialty "Physical Training" will help to gain knowledge and find a job for those who love sports

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